Licensed skins are coming to OW2 according to Jon

Taken from the GI interview:

Spector said: “I’m a big anime nerd myself. I think it’s super cool when I see Naruto appear in Fortnite. I don’t even play Fortnite, but that’s awesome. And as we look at the Overwatch 2 space, those are things that we’re interested in exploring. If and when we do that, one of our key values is to do it in a way that feels like a great fit for the Overwatch franchise.”

Hope F2P defenders are happy. This absolutely ruins the lore in OW once it happens. Now you’ll have people running around in Darth Vader, Batman and Goku costumes. Might as well just call it Overwatch: Fortnite Edition at this point.


I dont think most skins we got have anything to do with cannon to be fair, also we have basicially power ranger genji already…


Do you just wake up and search for things to be upset about?


We have a gargoyle ( however you spell it ) winston skin. I don’t think darth vader reaper will ruin the lore when those skins arent cannon


Fingers crossed for naruto moira. Handsigns included.


Im hoping an Orochimaru skin for Moira hehehe


To be fair, i dont want to see naruto anymore. Lets find something about ninjas that is less popular.


You can hate fun as much as you want, but you cannot deny that when goku came out in fortnite everyone was talking about it for 2 weeks.

I’m actually excited for this, hope we see something like raiden genji


Yea. From what i can tell, everything they post is overwhelmingly negative. I get voicing concerns and sharing criticism, but when the only things theyre saying are negatives, it might be time to find a new game.


What does F2P have to do with it? They could have done that in OW1 if they wanted. Already kinda did if you count those widow skins


If they can do the licensed skins in a way where it’s not difficult to quickly identify the actual hero, it’s whatever.

OW has traditionally been pretty good about keeping the silhouettes unique per hero so that the skin doesn’t make one hero appear to be another. If they can do that for licensed skins and characters, then that’s just more things to drive people to buy cosmetics. If they can’t maintain that, it’ll start to affect gameplay and will suck. Hopefully it’s the former.

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Dude is delusional beyond belief. they think they can change someones mind about a video game with their posts :rofl:

Literally no one on the planet is gong to change what they do over his posts. All he can do is spam more threads like this out of frustration

Blizz doesnt listen to forum posts either, they go by data from the game. Nerd rage posts like this dont do a thing


Okay. Deadly you are just finding random stuff to complain about now. You’re gonna devalue your legitimate criticisms dude.


I think that’s actually pretty cool, but I don’t expect any of the choices to be good.

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I think this will be the straw that broke OW for most people past the stage of hitting puberty. Licensed skins is a big slap in the face to the franchise and completely disrespects the lore all so they can make money from kids.

It’s just sad how F2P MP games are nothing more than free advertisements for Disney. I mean what’s next? In-game concerts with some crappy mumble rappers? Blizzard just keeps hitting new lows.

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I absolutely hate it, but perhaps this would mean that other companies can directly pressure activision executives into keeping their pants on.


Looks like you might have missed this part. Maybe we get a gun charm or even a inspired by skin, but we likely won’t have darth Vader in game as a skin.

Nowadays everything is a crossover.
I can’t really say I am very upset about it as long as it is not a clown fest like fortnite. That game is nothing but one huge advertisement.


I stopped caring about lore logic when every thing seems to be based on advanced tech then Hanzo, Genji and now Kiriko put on their wizard cap and randomly perform feats of magic… unless they’re going for a “they’re actually glowing nano machines genestamped to work with only a select few families”

I think these kinds of things would be cool. We already get skins that don’t have anything to do with the lore, if they come out with skins for something people like they’ll buy it.