LFG is just too good

I beg to differ :stuck_out_tongue:

What about a feature where a player can “request” to play another role. That request goes out for a vote (somewhere unobtrusive) . The rest of the team can then vote to allow it. That will accomodate for mid-match role switches when teams need to adapt.


Considering that I saw +/- 300 as green, I think it’s safe to say the color is determined by whether or not you fall in the range.

Can I finally try ranked after two years?


Just wanted to share my first experience with LFG.

I joined up a group that had locked roles. I went in as tank. We played 2cp and got completely rolled. The enemy team had nearly 6 minutes time remaining. I was waiting for the usual toxic diatribe to come in but for some reason it wasn’t present. Instead, for some reason we chose to discuss what we thought went wrong 0_o. Then I kindly asked the other tank if they wouldn’t mind switching with me because I though I could perform better than I did previously with the hero she was playing. She very kindly accepted and we swapped heroes. She did much better with Rein than I did. I did much better on D’va.

We ended up taking both points with nearly 5 minutes to spare. Then in overtime we took both points with some great communication from the team and with coordinated pushes. We held back the opponents for the nearly 6 minutes and ended up winning.

While I know this wont happen every game, this level of positivity and good communication would have never happened in a solo-Q of old. Thanks for implementing this change.


Is there a way to know what is being requested up front? The tank symbol in the group is for both off and main tank isn’t it?

Ah, that would make sense as to why +/- 100 is always going to be green then: because you’re not going to be further than +/- 100 away from the group average! XD

I think the +/- is from the group creator’s SR. So if I create a group, my SR is 1013, so +/- 100 is 913-1113. If your SR is within that range, it shows as green. If your SR is outside that range, then it’s red.

Icons under our player icons showing who is locked in would be nice. One of our teammates left. Not that we were mad we were on “and continued are winning streak” and we had to go team chat to communicate to the new guy next game how we were locked in our roles and in this case we really needed another dps and we couldn’t change. “Which is weird normally everyone picks Dps instantly. But maybe icons under the character in the menu showing who’s locked in would help.


Was it really necessary to have the roles enforced in skirmishes?


I’m so happy with my experience of LFG and endorsements so far, it is so incredible going from mostly solo que to this :star_struck:

I imagine your team has SO many improvements and ideas in mind for this, I’m extremely curious what some of those might include… I’m so glad to have what feels like much more positive and open communication in my games today, thank you guys so much.

I’m looking forward to the next PTR Patch :grin:


Jeff, can you make players to choose and lock the role BEFORE they join the group and not AFTER? since theres a significant difference in both approaches.

The big issue from my experience these days and PTR is that a lot players are competing for certain slots (Damage and Flex roles most common) and because players can only select roles a couple seconds AFTER joining the group, multiple people that joined at the same time ends up leaving if their desired role is already taken, resulting in a mass wave of leavers that make a lot of the group players that are waiting anxious and I believe this diminishes the group morale as they see people joining and leaving over and over.

I feel a way to solve this would be to make players before joining a group to be able to click and join the specific available role icon right from the Group queue list so that spot is immediately taken and to reflect the spot taken immediately so the system doesnt allow other players to join for that specific spot, that way youd have less disappointed leavers and the system would be more efficient and less annoying when youre waiting for the last spots.


One thing I would like to see is some way of filtering for SR/MMR, both for people looking to join my group, and for people looking to join a group.

Since anyone can join (well, they could on the PTR, haven’t actually tried live yet), it sometimes makes very very unbalanced teams. This can be fun sometimes but often in your looking to practice in QP it won’t be.

True story: my first LFG on PTR, the teams were so unbalanced that the LFG leader who started the team got tilted and quit half way through the match. Not kidding! The balance is important Bliz.

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It’s a shame you screwed it up with by adding private profiles as a function.

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The wife and I haven’t done Comp in several seasons, so how LFG plays in Comp doesn’t affect us. But we do play QP when we’re on, and prefer to duo group since our computers are on the opposite ends of the house and we like to chat while playing.

As long as LFG doesn’t affect our queue times in QP for not using it, then great. If it does . . . well, good thing I bought Dead by Daylight and the DLCs and have a ton to learn in that game over the next couple of months (a ton of perks and build options), still have Witchwood to experiment with in Hearthstone, and if need be can always fire-up Paladins again with the wife, instead.

Enable endorsements for team based Arcade modes please.


As a drunk Tank main, the feature has shown massive promise. My first two games, with and without mic comms has shown promise.

I like it


plz don’t nerf Hanzos ult, nerf his storm arrow


With this new LFG system, all I need now is a computer that can play OW properly. :smiley:

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it’s so good i will never use it