LFG is just too good

People are using it on EU, I’ve sat here watching the lfg teams filling and going constantly, including 3v3 elims, though those are rarer to be made than other. Every time a 3v3 team is created it’s filled within 2 mins, this tells me you should be making the lfg entry, usually with lfg-s everywhere in games people are shy to be the team creator, including you seemingly.

A couple of small bits:

  • Refill group. A button to quickly fill the missing slots without having to set the group back up.
  • Have the SR range optional on all gamemodes, not just competitive
  • Host should be able to toggle forced roles in game, so if we do need a more flexible team comp, forced roles can be quickly turned off
  • A menu where you can quickly choose from common role structures without inputting them all manually should you so choose (i.e. 2D/2T/2S, 2A/2T/2S, 1D/3T/2S)
  • Ability to save group presets

can you elaborate?
what happen f you are a solo queuer joining a 5 stack group with enforced role?
Are role enforced too for the solo queuer?! :open_mouth:

These are all great, Hopefully PTR has these.

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Which you can easily fake to be nice. You would be surprised how far trolls will go.

I love the LFG feature…I’ve had a blast using it today. Even the losses are close games so far.

It is a little awkward when one of the group members leaves. Trying to get that slot refilled is not intuitive when in the menu. If there were something like a “fill slot” button, that would make things even better.

We agree. We have a solution for this in an upcoming patch.


2 days from now .::slight_smile:

Well its not that hard to remember who the trolls were once you get to a high enough level, could always just avoid. Plus when guilds get added they’ll be easily avoided. I haven’t had any trouble at all since it started.

when assembling a team (choosing a character), could you show the role icons? it only shows when the first round started. Thanks!


This is a bug and will be fixed ASAP.


High enough level as in M-top500, yes. However, Diamond and lower, no. It will be hard for a lot of people.

I don’t think they are going to add guilds. Hopefully, though.

Well, not everyone will have troubles right away. It could take time, unfortunately.

Oh bless you and your team.

Played 3 matches. Still same garbage. Uninstall it is. Goodbye


I’m extremely happy with this LFG. I had nothing but good fun matches today while using it, even on a loss!

Poor Jeff probably feels almost guilty, given his statement on that Stylosa interview about pretty much saying nah it’ll be fine without lfg, before the game came out. d:

The only thing that sucks is when your group loses members, and the non-group fills pick heroes that don’t compliment your team’s comp, but you’re stuck in your enforced role. That’s the price you pay with enforced roles, I suppose. I wonder if you should be able to turn off the enforced roles option mid-match.

Awesome! You guys think of everything. Can’t wait to see your solution to this issue.

Ran into it today as Winston on Junkertown. They were partially visible and could target and damage me but I couldn’t damage them. We won but it was annoying.

We’re currently filling 140~ groups a minute.

Keep in mind, the system does not show all groups all the time. It won’t show groups that are full and now queued. It also won’t show you groups outside of your skill range or latency threshold.


When does the 3v3 Comp season end?

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I don’t know if this was mentioned anywhere else, but what about being able to see the group SR when looking through competitive groups?

On that subject, what determines whether the sr +/- is red orange, or green? Is it just based on the set +/- amount? Like if it’s set to +/-100 it will always be green and +/- 300 will always be red? Or is it your SR compared to group’s average that makes it red, orange, or green?