LFG is just too good

  • No more toxic teammates
  • No more one tricks
  • No more throwers
  • No more bot teammates
  • Actual communication
  • Healthy criticism
  • Teammates willing to switch
  • No more leavers
    What more could you want? This is paradise compared to what I’m used to experiencing.

I just wanted to say thank you thank you THANK YOU! To the Dev team for implementing this. In the short time span that LFG has been out, I’ve been enjoying Overwatch 10x more.

Great job Overwatch team! Here is to Season 11! Hopefully the greatest season yet!


I lost 2 in a row and no one was willing to switch /:
At least I got gold kills as support


But even losses don’t feel that bad. Because the games tend to be close.

Also had some losses where the dps weren’t pulling their weight. I thought, damn I could easily kill that pharah, but MY OWN FAULT, I queued for Tank. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the best thing about the LFG system though. If you’re having a hard time, you can look for a group that fits you. You don’t have to pray that the next randos you get are actually good.


We’re really happy that you’re enjoying the feature. Our feature team worked extremely hard on this patch and poured their hearts into it.

We’re actively taking feedback and also have a bunch of improvements coming for the system (some of these will even be on the PTR very soon). Let us know if you there are areas of confusion or if there are changes you’d like to see.


well ppl do not understand how it works… several off tanks join and then leave when being told to play main tank


Showing the latency/ping of the group would be great.


What about the Sym invincible turret glitch? Are you guys aware of It? I made a post about it and I think it will get out of hand if not fixed.

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Can we have like specific sub roles assigned? I had couple of stacks with 2 main tanks competing for rien and it really creates an awkward situation were I have to kick someone out or ask them to leave as they both only wanted to play a specific hero. Something like Off-healer and Off-tanks maybe?


The obvious one is group SR should be listed… or at least the SR of the guy that starts the group.


LFG is a god send! We are about to enter a golden age of Overwatch. Thank you, Mr. Kaplan!

As for feedback:

It is a little awkward when one of the group members leaves. Trying to get that slot refilled is not intuitive when in the menu. If there were something like a “fill slot” button, that would make things even better.

But still… The new features are amazing, and so is your team!


I’ve met so many nice people and my friendlist is growing.

No toxicity in sight (yet) and I’m in EU, I’m so happy :heart:


A minor issue is the filter is not stickied all the time. Like if I set a filter to look for Quick Play games only. After a refresh or two it removes the filter.


This is too good! Thank you Jeff, I’m hyped for the incoming improvements and I’ll let you know if there are any confusing features.


Mr. Kaplan, I have been seeing various concerns about players from different server regions (LAX, ORD, SEA, etc) in the same region (Americas, Europe, Asia) grouping up in LFG. I know there was suppose to be some organization toward which listing you see based on which servers a player typically connects to, but perhaps we should see some graphical indicator like the ping marker in Custom Games to indicate which groups are good for each player to join?

Otherwise I am going to be trying to list my server abbreviation in my listings (see my guide here for reference), but not everyone will know what that means.


My thoughts exactly.


Has there been anything to address the concern about false reporting or future false reporting in attempt from toxic people from trying to reset players who have high Social ratings?

Why does this keep getting ignored? Toxic players are reporting others left and right without any draw back. There is no limit. You can even go game to game reporting every player and never feel like there is a drawback to your evil deeds.

Is the lack of endorsements for arcade aside from 3v3 competitive intended to be permanent? Will there only ever be endorsements for quickplay and competitive modes?

I’m loving it so far too. No more toxicity, throwers, leavers and poor communication. And somehow losing doesnt feel so bad.
I didnt expect lfg to solve the prob but it does surprisingly. I hope it stays like this as time passes.


It’s really bad for the solo queue experience if you can get matched with 2-5-stacks with enforced roles on (the solo queuer is forced to work around the group to a degree never seen before). Could you please disable enforced roles in competitive for less than full 6-stacks?

I agree with the request to separate the tank category into main and off tank.

Also a filter for ping would be great.