Let's see how many top 500s/GMs got stuck in 3900

You have some good arguments. What I mean is that it’s just not good to lose the game if your teammates dragged you down so hard. It may not happened in higher levels but in plat or lower, you get braindead teammates like dps moira, 5 dps, rein holding shield away from the frontline, mercy pocketing her trash duo, etc. These are ridiculous and I have seen just too many of them. It’s not fair for me because I’m doing the best I can and I got 3/4 golds. They don’t care but I care and afterall I get -25sr.

Unfortunately this is how the current system works and you have to be GM level to climb out of lower levels. If a player is diamond level he shouldn’t stuck in plat.

There is another argument that if you have a four year old account, it’s much harder to climb because of history mmr.

queue time is ridiculous. ow team is too incompetent to fix that.

lol looks like every level has elo hell

This is the correct way of climbing, which eliminates the trash teammates part. This also proves my theory.

How would you know?

Dude you quoted me but your answer has nothing to do with what I said and you contradicted yourself.

WTF Bruh.

Just imagine if they shuffled OWL players around to make “fair” games for a 50% win chance. The real issue is, instead of making 50% chance to win games, it should be balanced on if youre better than the enemy you win. Instead we get sandbagged to balance the matching and make it close to 50% chance to win as possible.


I guess I’m late to the party, yes, 100% yes, the people back in GM now, ARE THE ONES WHO PLAYED AGAINST GM PLAYERS AND KEPT THEIR SKILLS, not the trash (still better than me) GM players who made alts just to troll, the people complaining are the ones who camped the bracket for months, and aren’t actually gm players, but probably closer to the boarder of diamond/masters. (Work always screws up my replies)

In other words, the people whining about not climbing back into GM are the ones without GM skill (again, still better than me) and just camped for months on end.


How can you camp GM for months? By just doing placements?

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Not saying only placements were played, but the absolute minimum games played to show on the ladder. The same way I keep diamond ranks during CTF/Deathmatch/Elimination comp modes in arcade is my guess.


Bro you want more pros retire from OW? LOL

There we go. I’m not saying the GMs are bad, but if someone that’s been boosted to GM by pros and due to the mmr system, they will stay in that level. Now unless they are boosted again, they stuck, or drop levels. This is what I want to see.

LOL I can only reply during work. feelsboringman

Climbed from gold to diamond. still gaining sr.

I don’t believe in elo hell the same way other people do.

I believe in circumstances of human unpredictability holding people back for extended periods of time sometimes… but I don’t believe the match making or sr or mmr system is to blame for that.

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How old is your new account?

I’m high plat for a long time always on fire, always gold medals and crap, and every time I’m near 2800 2900 I get TRASH teammates. I’m sure if I buy a new account, I’ll climb faster as well but I’m not spending a dime on this game anymore.

I think about a year.

When I placed on this account though I placed at the same SR as my old account was at, actually a hundred SR below IIRC. The next few games were up and down and so even then there was no exponential SR gained in climbing… I was the same crap-tier healer after I placed on the new account that I was on the old account.

I just kept trying. Current account I am using is almost level 100 now.

Truth is, a new account has the potential to place you higher, but you can end up right where you were on your previous account too, like I did.

I still climbed naturally. So high gold / low plat to low diamond where I am now, just about 3100… and I’ll keep going. The SR gain is just slow, but it’s real. Some days I go 4 - 0 or 5 - 1… more often than not I settle around a 56 - 60% win rate.

Some people are faster, some people are slower, some people don’t go up… but I do believe if you keep trying you will see gains.

Getting a new account was a mistake on my part and I should have just kept going on my old account. It was a wasted $$ value.

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Dont be so sure, you can get there with lucky placement,but if you will not be lucky, you will end up in plat and your skill will keep you there again.

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Exactly what happened to me.

This is indeed truth and it’s sad.

I don’t know, maybe they’ll fix it someday and tbh I’m too working class old to showoff my “diamond” status to anyone. I guess I’ll just keep playing and enjoy the game then. Still love the game tho.

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Eh, I have a full time job as Project Manager at a mill… just don’t sweat it and don’t worry about the SR. I stopped worrying so much about it and accepted where I was and just took it as a sign that I needed to put more discipline on myself and my mistakes/fat playing.

You can do it, a couple hours every other night.

One thing I’m sure, is that if I got boosted by GM teammates and I’m right now in like GM or Master level. Although I believe I’m just diamond level but I’m pretty sure I’ll stay in that level because my teammates will carry the heck out of me and I’m sure I’ll improve even faster with the help of those good teammates.

Gold and plat teammates are having literally iq problems not lack of skills. They waste ult in two cps, hold ult for the entire game, dps moira, 5 dps picks, widow practice w/o switching, etc.

That’s what I’m doing right now. I starts to communicate more with teammates and if they are toxic I’ll just mute everything. Works well so far, and I’m surprised how experienced I am and tbh, many of the teammates just need some guidance and you know, winning is always good and positive.

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It was shockingly easy. I was gaining 40-50 sr a win, and losing less than 20. Back up to 4300 now.

Sorry man.


Thanks for the input my man. This actually proves my theory that history MMR exists. No matter what level you’re placed, your history MMR will help you get back to your last season’s level.

That’s why older accounts are extremely hard to climb and people starting to buy new accounts.

The system is rigged so hard.

It might. It might not.

I was playing games with people who had finished last season at 4.4-4.5, and I was playing some with people who had finished at 3.7-3.8.

I just was out performing people at that sr, hence the big gains.

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I believe players in gold and plat constantly on fire having bunch of gold medals but still stuck in their level will have words about that.

Medals mean nothing. Being on fire means nothing.

I bet money I could review their gameplay and identify at least one major issue holding them back.


Old accounts are not hard to climb on. There is practicaly no difference vs new account which played enough for one season. MMR is adjusting pretty fast to your skill.

And blizzard said it will be like that, climbing on 3900 which was in gm in patch notes.

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