Let's see how many top 500s/GMs got stuck in 3900

Master elo hell is real.

Let’s see when they need to be boosted.

Let’s see if my theory of forced winrate is real.

Let’s also see if anyone who’s still defending the MMR system in OW.


Not many. They’re gaining like, 3x to 4x the SR for a win vs a loss because of their MMR.


Well I guess I really should buy a new account. My 4 year old account can never climb out of plat because of my mmr.


lol, MMR changes all the time. It’s based on recent history, not the ancient past. It tweaks your gains and losses based on whether or not you are preforming better than those at your current rank.

If you belong in plat, you’ll be stuck in plat.


Care to provide an awesome source? I can’t find it and I am a firm believer of elo hell.


Elo hell is just a matter of time for those, who deserve higher elo.

Jeff talked about MMR stuff in a stream with Seagull I think? He talked about how everyone is assigned an MMR value ranging from -3 to +3. That number changes based on how you’re preforming. They won’t tell us which stats have more weight because then people would abuse the system.


The only reason they’d be stuck is because the level of players at 3900 is now filled with GM and T500.

This really only hurt actual high masters players


Do you mind opening your profile so I may review your damage stats??


If anyone ends their season around 3850-4050, they’re probably better off waiting 2 weeks into the season to start playing.


It actually didn’t affect Masters players at all… The MMR of T500 players from season 22 matches them against other players from season 22 T500…

Barring the outlying case where there are 11 qualified participants and the game needs someone +/- 350 SR (supposedly).


Buying new account wont help you, it wont change your skill.


Elo hell is hell. You get stuck in it and maybe your history mmr will constantly work against you.

I’m glad you bring this up. He said that there is no forced 50/50 in the system but he’s happy that winrate is close to 50%. LOL WTF. That means “unintentionally” they created an elo hell. They found out and they are ok with that.

Let me try that. I’m at work lol don’t know how to do it from a brower. My profile has been in private since sym’s stick can bend : )

I just feel like people are cheating the system. The system is flawed.

It may reset my MMR. My skill is not GM but def not in plat.

The 50/50 means you’re not improving. This isn’t fortnite where they put you up against bots so you can get free wins and feel good about yourself. If you’re stagnant, you need to change something.


If you are stack in plat, your skill is plat.


I can’t complain about being stuck in plat if I don’t play ranked.


I get braindead teammates after a winning streak. My skill is there if not improving after a few games. But I have to lose cause I’m not that good at carrying the whole team. Like I said I’m not GM but you shouldn’t have to be GM level to climb out of plat.

If I stuck in plat, elo hell and forced winrate are real.

1000 iq.

But competitive is fun. When you win you get sr and you are one step closer to top 500.

Correct. That’s what ladder designers call knapsacking rating, or KSR.

It’s the third number gamers forget about, or just don’t know about, because they game instead of doing math (sr, mmr, ksr). If their gaming bros don’t talk about ksr in their discord, it doesn’t exist right? I love how Elo hell never existed for normal players, but suddenly it’s everywhere at 3900? Gamer logic lmao.

KSR is a measure of how much you’re expected to contribute/impact the match. Basically a measure of short-term recent performance that decides if you’re the designated carry or not.

Each match is two teams - knapsacks of approximately equal size (rigged towards 50/50 outcome) and fills them with players who’s KSR represents the size of their slice of the pie or knapsack in this case.


There is no such thing as forced winrate.


I also heard another explanation that the system calculates your chances on winning and it will combine with your teammates and try to find a equal value between the two teams.

Anyhoo, it’s a rigged system that trys to force you to carry deadweight if you’re on a winning streak. Any system that is based on team performance instead of individual will create a forced winrate. It’s unintentional but it’s there and I think it’s bs to say it’s unintentional.

Elo hell, forced winrate, are all just outcome of the matchmaking system. They are real.

Just saw your reply. My post above answers that.

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