Let TP actually counter Graviton surge

I explained above. If TP is dead center of the grav, everyone can escape. Each time someone tps out, someone slips to the middle. That one person in the middle not holding their interact key like they should is the major reason no one else gets out.

h ttps://www.twitch.tv/raihanow/clip/LaconicRacySquirrelBlargNaut

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I see. Ya you could skip out in 2 if you live. Point taken.

Right?? My main fix for her TP would be this:

Sym presses the deployment button and can deploy ONE part of the portal within like 8-10 meters of herself. She then must traverse the distance herself to place the SECOND part of the portal and place that within 8-10 meters of herself. It can transport 6 people and then self destructs. If Sym makes a new entrance, it regains full charge to 6 people and the oldest entrance is destroyed.

This would allow teams to set up strategic, actually hidden portals that could vastly change the landscape of gameplay and maps. You could use it in SO MANY WAYS! It would be so much more valuable than it is now, and it would actually provide a real mobility option for Symmetra that makes up for her loss of shield and spawn-tp ult.

Imagine choosing “It’s the beginning of the fight, so I’m going to be defensive and place my first TP near spawn and put the other one near the point, that way when someone dies they can come back right away.” This puts pressure on the enemy team to find the nearest portal entrance and destroy it. You could make secret paths that your team know about so that your flankers could do wild dives

  • HAH, we had a power outage and so my computer shut off, but this was saved xD yay for small mercies.
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Reaper can wraith out of a gravitational well that’s strong enough to stop Tracer’s chronal accelerator.

Reaper cannot escape a metal trap on the floor lmao

Funny, when they announced the sym-rework and said that the teleporter would now be an ability on cooldown, that they said one of the big uses was using it to help your team escape grav? Weird that they specifically used THAT as an example for usage but as it works now it can’t happen (and never did).

The rails annoy me to no end when it comes to Sym’s tele and Reaper’s shadow step.


This would be useful start. Symmetra is in a terrible spot, just about anything and everything in her kit needs some work.

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Just spitballing here, don’t actually think this would ever be implemented…


Another (potentially hilarious) way teleporter could counter not just Grav, but a lot of projectile based ults is let it teleport enemy projectiles, similar to how it can move friendly buildings.

Just imagine, throwing out a Grav, accidently hitting the enemy teleporter, and now that Grav is all the way out in no man’s land. Sym just saved her team with that teleporter placement.

Maybe have it only work through the teleporter that spawns close to Sym so she can’t accidently screw her teammates over by giving the enemy a free flank.

They could disallow transporting turrets, only allow team mates to use the transporters.

Symmetra can also leave with the teleporter.

I put it down and you grav slightly to the left of it and boom, I’m caught and can’t TP out


If teleport was advertised as “get out of graviton surge”, then it should do just that and not leave symm hanging dry.

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Dev Team- Buff her, why would we do that.

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Oh boo hoo, nobody feels good getting hooked and shot in the face or being sniped by an enemy they have no mobility or ranged weapons to reach. She has the lowest damage, pick rate and win rate, let her have that one TP bomb. One rein, brig or winston primary destroys all 3 easily and she has to waste all of her cooldowns for it.

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I feel like the deployment speed should definitely be increased, but maybe also could have a slight health nerf. The teleporter has usually already been used (at least the first and main time) by the time a team can actually destroy it. The health feels unnecessarily high, and it just doesn’t feel good shooting into it’s health pool.

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I approve. Wouldn’t do anything for her pick rates and viability, but every bit helps.

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Sym is just another half baked character in this game, an idea with little to no follow through, yet the devs probably popped champagne and patted themselves on the back for Sym 3.0.

This issue was noticeable day 1 of Sym 3.0. And it’s still not fixed? Says a lot about how they don’t care.


Agreed, also it would be nice if her teleporter isn’t effected by breakable objects.
(Railings come to mind the most in regards to this)

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I’m not convinced that this would be necessary, it’s already quite easy to destroy in my experience both as and against Symmetra.

Obviously that would remain to be seen.

mei icewall semi counters it.
can block from enemy till it wears off, or put it under em and let them have some mobility.