Let TP actually counter Graviton surge

Increase the deployment speed of the TP and greatly increase the interact radius of it. Enough that if a Sym player is caught in a grav with her team, she can drop a TP and her entire team can actually use it. Currently, provided she doesn’t die before the TP sets up, she’s pretty much the only person who can reach it since you need to be right on top of it to use.

We were told that this would be a thing.

Give Grav combos counterplay other than Trans and Beat. Give Symmetra some meaning.

Plenty of ults and ult combos are easily shut down by regular abilities.


There’s really no reason why the interact radius can’t be increased. So often turrets don’t teleport either because the radius is so small. As it is now, dropping a TP in the center of a grav still would not save most of your teammates because of how small the radius is.

The deploy speed could probably be sped up too, but not by much just so enemies have at least some time to react if they are close enough for the audio alert.


If Tracer can’t get out of it with recall, an ability that bends space and time, Sym can stay floating with the rest of them.


I’ve been saying this forever. That ability is useless midfight. It only works if you deploy it before the fight begins. Why can’t it deploy fast

If Moira can fade out of it then sym who bends light energy to create anything she imagines should be able to get out of it


Moira is the reason I think Tracer should get out of it. But, I would rather nobody be able to escape it though.

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But Moira can fade out of it, but Reaper can’t Wraith out of it. Sombra can’t even tele out of it. Just let Sym TP save people with it. Chances are it would only work 10% of the time anyways since Grav is usually timed with other death ults. Even if the deeply speed and player interaction range was increased. High chances are only 1 person would escape


How typical. A sym main wanting something to counter an ult
There is a reason its an ult.

Been wanting this since the rework, would be fantastic.

That actually came straight from Geoff Goodman

"Secondly, her teleporter ability now requires a button input to trigger, but the teleporter works both directions. This means you can do new tricks like tossing it into an enemy Zarya ult from far away and pull your team out to safety. "

It’s not a Symm Main whine thing. It was stated as the intended functionality by the developers.


Reaper can wraith out of it but hes trash and no one picks him

I like how some seem to have forgotten that there are several common abilities in the game that counters ults…

Cough Anti-Nade
Cough Deflect
Cough Ice Wall
Cough Shields
Cough Bubbles
Cough Hack
Cough Any fricken stun

But yes, let’s go on wailing about how unfair it would be for Sym to potentially counter one ultimate…


She needs a auto deploy option. It just sets the end point where the sym is head is pointing up. So she just has to look down.

… Just about every ult in the game can be easily countered by a normal ability. Why not grav?

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This is literally all Blizzard has to do to make Symm fun and viable. Faster teleporter deploy time and interact radius means she can escape mid fight and be the only non ult counter to a Grav Dragon


Even as a tank player who enjoys playing Zarya, this seems fair to me. TP should be a way to escape. I agree.


Teleporter has like a 2s downtime. If you’re playing against a Zarya there’s no reason it shouldn’t be down most the time ready for you to escape the grav, especially with the reduced pull range on Grav.

Grav can be countered by some normal abilities. Defense Matrix, Deflect, and I think Moira’s fade.

That said, I don’t see why TP can’t be another counter option. But we should acknowledge there are some normal abilities that can counter it already and be mindful of how much counter play is allowed. For instance, I see some people saying Tracer should escape too. Well, if we do that why not Reaper, and D.Va and Winston, maybe Hammond and Hanzo and Pharah… we do have to be careful.

I think TP sounds fair though personally.

Yes please. It has a 2 second cast time and 1+ when you’re trying to place it.
3+ seconds for it is just bogus, reduce the cast time to 0.5-1 seconds (~1.5 - 2) and increase the radius. Also, while the rework was on ptr Sym was able to tp while frozen, what happened to that?

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3 seconds is far too long to be useful in the middle of a fight, by the time you react, position the TP, and start deployment then you’re probably already dead.

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Defense matrix?