Let TP actually counter Graviton surge

Given how powerful Grav is and how prickly Symmetra is , I think some teleport buffs would be awesome.

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For non Symm players, let me provide this clarification.

Symmetra can build a teleporter.

Symmetra does not have teleportation.

VERY different things :stuck_out_tongue:

It should deploy and stay up until it’s destroyed or Sym places a new TP down, then it disappears like Torb’s turret.

If they gave it a longer range and made it stay until contested, it would allow teams to actually use it to maintain space because you could say “Hey guys, I have a TP from the small room to the back so you can go get that mega healthpack if you need to fall back.” and the team would know it would stay up until you said otherwise. Currently given that it disappears before you could literally even finish saying that sentence out loud, it’s kind of useless.

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Permanent would be good. No reason for it to expire when it’s so easily destroyed. Definitely not indestructible. The poster is just saying that changing the uptime wouldn’t have any effect on how turret bombs work.

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Exactly; turret bombs have zero bearing on how long the TP is deployed. The deployment speed might be impacted because the turret bombs would be made more ‘sudden’, but the TP disappearing by the time your team notices it up is literally nothing but a source of infinite frustration for zero reason.

Got it. I think I got your TP duration mixed up with deployment time. I agree with what you’re saying then. It makes a lot more sense for TP to function like a Torb turret (staying up until killed by enemies or destroyed by sym herself) than having a 10 second lifespan.


You should just have it down 87% of the time. Or, you know… have your tanks use their defensive abilities to grant your team the time to use a freshly deployed tp.

Again, that’s not a thing. Even when you drop a tp in grav, your team physically cannot reach it. Also by the time it deploys the grav is almost over.

And again, tp in anticipation of grav is a horrible play that will get your team killed for the reasons we’ve stated.

Not a tp in anticipation, an escape route that’s available to your or your team 87% of the time. If being caught out is what’s concerning you.

But grav isn’t used on someone caught out, it’s used on a team, who are likely on an objective.

This was debunked a gazillion years ago mate, it does help you out of the graviton surge.
The thing is that you have to react fast, like when trying to eat it with DM. The moment you hear the sound queue, turn around and deploy, in 1.5 sec you can press F and get out.

Its verified.

At most you can rescue yourself, by a miracle of luck and stars aligning, maybe you can pop an ally out. Not good enough.


And grav lasts 4 seconds. Hah.


Ya, the TP is slower than molasses uphill in the winter.

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Personally I wish there wasn’t 2 portals.

I could see symmetra placing one 20 meters away or so, and you look and interact with it, leaving a ball of light where you stood in order to teleport back.


• Reduce Teleporter Deployment time from 2 seconds to 1 second

• Increase Teleporter interact range by 20%

• Teleporter ignores railing when placing

Then apply some of these changes to Reaper because he deserves some Shadow Step love too.


Huh… Id really like to test that. That sounds pretty cool. I think having 2 targets to destroy is part of the balance though.

Yes, after you cast it in place is around 1.5 sec
Again, its on video, on twitch, on multiple places, look it up.

Its not meant to be instant, just like reaper’s. React fast enough to the sound queue and you will escape.

I wont call you wrong without looking it up for myself. Im totally open to being wrong. I just cant see it with a 2s deploy time. But I will check when I get a chance.