Let TP actually counter Graviton surge

I reckon it’s probably not designed to be used mid-fight…

Which is why its utility is so limited.

Symmetra has such low mobility, a fast deploying TP would be a big help in increasing her survivability. As it is she has no chance to escape from anything.


You forgot Genji’s Deflect and Dva’s Defense Matrix are also counters to Graviton! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve seen some people be able to escape Graviton with the TPs, but it’s difficult to pull off. But in general, her TP set up needs to be much faster! It’s way too slow!

Well actually, Mei’s Cryofreeze, Reaper’s Wraith Form, and Moira’s Fade can escape Graviton, but yeah no help for the rest of the team! XD I believe Mei’s Ice Wall is like a soft counter to Graviton by giving the team elevation to avoid some incoming damage.

Idk if I’m okay with it reliably countering Grav since a fair amount of basic abilities already screw grav over. Outside of the invulnerability abilities than can either escape or mitigate it, ice wall can block a load of the damage (as can a shield tank), Dva can eat it, your team could be spread, Genji can deflect it, and it can get snagged on a barrier like Orisa’s/Winston’s.

If the TP is at the center of the grav and at least one person escapes, that means everyone would’ve been capable of escaping. Each time someone is Teleported out of the grav, someone in the grav falls to the center. That person not pressing their interact key means they don’t teleport and end up blocking it for everyone else.

Yes it could be fixed by increasing the interact radius, but it can also see better usage if people actually hold the interact key while grav’d like Syms tell everyone to do.

Also bind it. If you have heroes whose control setups are customized, you have to go through each one and bind their interact key separately. If you only bind interact for “all heroes” it won’t apply to customized controls for specific heroes.

You still have to consider the counterplay of such a buff though. Turret bombs are already strong, combine that with faster TP and it would basically one-shot unsuspecting 200hp targets.

She’s an immobile hero at her core. She denies area and allows unique strategies for her team with TP, but she is not the queen of mobility. It’s her weakness and imo it should stay that way.

There’s no reason it’s on a timer, or only has a range of absolutely-not-far-enough-what-the-heck either, but there you go.

There is a reason for a timer… as stated above. Counterplay is a thing.

reaper CAN wraith out of grav. the only 3 people who can leave grav are moira, reaper and orisa

It can be destroyed, giving Symmetra an arbitrary timer in order to use it so that both her team and her are punished when it fades far, far too quickly is not ‘counterplay’, it’s bad game development.

They gave her a tool that they claimed was useful and then crippled it in such an impressive fashion that it’s basically wearing a gimp suit wriggling around on the floor and you want to convince me that it’s an independent lady ready to get a job in the big city.

You want counterplay for it? It’s a destructable object, it gets destroyed often and easily, too- that’s counterplay!


Im not sure I understand what you’re saying. Are you saying have it out before the grav?

Considering the delay already provided by the player timing when to press the button as the tp flickers up and down from highground to off map to under something and fences… Oh fences…

Yeah, they need to reduce the build time.

Radius increase would be quality of life, I wouldn’t even consider that a buff at all. Great suggestion.

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It’s counterplay to instant turret death.

TP bombs are usually done from behind corners or high grounds to enemy back lines. Less reaction time against TP bomb would feel terrible to play against.

Wider interaction radius? Yes. Longer range? Sure. Faster deployment? Maybe a little, but TP bomb might be broken.

That’s all I’m saying.

Yes. I am saying that it lasts for 10s and has a CD of 12 that starts when deployed. It has a little over 2s of downtime. If the Zarya gravs in a spot that pulls you too far from your teleporter and nets enough of your team to decisively win the fight I’d say that’s fair.

Being able to send things through the TP has absolutely zero to do with the TP self destructing after 10 seconds, is all I’m saying.

I have no idea why they decided to give her this TP that both was limited in range AND time, and then also has a ridiculously long setup time. I’ve seen people ignore it and get punished for it, but in my games players don’t just let me set it up; they start shooting at the spot it’s being deployed the second they notice it. It’s rare happenstance when I come up against a team of people that are oblivious enough to make Sym 3.0 feel powerful and capable, because the primary counter to her is simply paying attention.


Sorry I disagree entirely. A few reasons. If a Zarya pull a team TO a teleporter… I mean… thats about the worst decision in OW history lol. Second, it doesn’t move with you, if you deploy it ahead of time hoping to use it as an escape, the activation radius is so small that YOU ARE NOT MOVING. how well does that work out in OW? lol.

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No, I disagree with this wholeheartedly. You shouldn’t, in anticipation of a grav, drop a tp and huddle around it. That’s making your entire team a bullseye for a 6man grav, and all the opposing Zarya has to do is aim it off to the side a bit and nobody would be able to tp.

I kind of see what you’re saying but absolutely no.

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Not even, that simply doesnt work unless Zarya is stupid enough to drag you to it lol

Lol we said the same thing at the same time.

So you want a permanent TP? Or indestructible TP?