Let the Kitsune guide you: A first look at Kiriko's concept and playstyle

Let the Kitsune guide you: A first look at Kiriko's concept and playstyle

Kiriko is staged to join the support roster as Overwatch’s 35th hero, and we’re excited to share more about her personality, toolkit, and gameplay!

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Also in case you missed it…


This is awesome! Thank you Blizzard!


Cool! Always great to have news.


Very interesting that Genji originally had kunai.


Sounds good. But I’m just sitting here waiting for the mystery Comp 2.0 feature that Freedo and SVB have been hinting at that supposedly neutralizes a lot of the hero unlock controversy.


He was also one with his brother :weary:
…From a gameplay/character perspective of course.


Gotta be the coolest support ever made. The mobility, doing headshot damage.


That’s pretty cool. That huge shuriken reminds of someone in Naruto.

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Her dmg looks awesome but healing she do is kinda too low. It is lower or higher than Lucio without boost or zen healing?
For me its lower.

Cool. Anyways, got any info on fixes for those 2015-beta issues?

So I’m guessing her animated short is coming out near launch to hype people up?

Their marketing for Overwatch 2 IS Kiriko. Not much else. So yeah, probably.


Can someone explain me what they’re saying? I can’t focus when that hot stuff of Qiu Fang is on screen

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Dint saw when it leaked in my own language the cinematic unfinished and now this lol, come on blizz Marketing! :frowning:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I’m glad somebody else said it before me

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More info before launch? alrighty then.

daamn, she is actually the ultimate Ana counter with her anti / sleep cleanse and immune abilities, her damage on crit from Kunai is very busted tho and might need heavy nerfs, her kit is very overbloated just like the other weebs
but still - overall a nice addition to attract dps players to support


Idk anyone who hasn’t seen it already

Ok this is a good start. However considering the fact we are two weeks from launch and still dont know the full details for the game is confusing. Especially considering the fact several members of your dev team have claimed there are “surprise” features and consumer friendly addons coming. You would think we would just announce it at this point and get the free good PR points. Regardless this was a nice step in the right direction and I will give credit where its due