Let the Kitsune guide you: A first look at Kiriko's concept and playstyle

She sounds really cool, can’t wait to try her! I think the bit about ppl hoarding strong abilities is true, I’m interested to see what the cool down for the immortality/cleanse is and how long it lasts, an ability that strong you want to make sure you time right

Like, dude is hot as heck.
I’m simping right now

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SO the original concept did have a HUGE SHURIKEN. guess that journalist was right in his silhouette observation. looking at her design evolve i am glad they did go away from that since the HUGE SHURIKEN looks wonky a bit


Perfect support to incorporate my Genji projectile and dashing skills with my baptiste on the move healing skills. Two of my mains in one.

I’m glad her cleanse is on a similar CD to Ana’s anti. She’s gonna be a great counter which Ana needed for a long time

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From the clip with Reinhardt we see she heals around 120 HP with one full use (-> 12 healing per “paper”) and the fire rate seems to be around 1.5 seconds so it’s ~80 HP/s at max. And the speed of her heal looks very similar to Mercy.
Also she can heal ~50 HP with her E.
So her numbers are very comparebale to other main healers.
For example at 2:02 Kiriko heals Sojourn all by herself and it doesn’t take much time until she’s full again.
It amazes me people think her healing is lower than Zen. Yes, she needs to aim (also true for Bap, Ana and partially Moira) and has low travel time which makes it most effective at close range (also true for Mercy, Moira and Bap) but she also has very high range and no resource managment at all. My guess is it will be the lowest out of the main healer but even then it will probably be above Zen and Lucio by far.


OW2 = Genjiwatch, Kirikowatch and Dvawatch.

More than Zen less than Mercy. Somewhere in between.

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Blizzard: Finaly creates an Ana counter

Also Blizzard: Puts her behind a paywal


Craig, did the dev team ever try more than 3 shots for my ultimate in OW2?


Owners of OW1 unlock Kiriko Instantly


I know, but new player won’t. And what makes you think future heroes wont have very useful abilities like these?


her cleanse is actually on a much longer cd (15) compared to Ana’s anti (10) which means anti might still be meta defining, but still it’s nice that there is some counterplay to Ana now without having to nerf Ana and let her remain OP and not have Ana streamers complain, continuing to give them revenue like mL7


i thought blizzard finally recognize me…was reading it ‘’ kittysune ‘’


A little concerned with how high the damage is. 120 for a headshot? Without needing damage boosts or discord?

I wonder if she’s going to feel like a throw pick at lower ranks.

She honestly feels like she was designed for OWL players.


Around 14 secs, you can see in the video

Tbh that Sojourn heal you’re speaking of did involve both the Ofuda AND the Suzu, which is on a pretty long cooldown, that’s still considerable resource use to heal one other hero.

Kinda sad to watch this and realize the character(s) I actually wanted Kiriko to be were her mother and grandmother lmao.

Also are we really going to establish “no magic in Overwatch” and then just disregard that for the aesthetic? I didn’t like Michael Chu’s writing but c’mon. That was like. A basic thing.


I’m concerned to see the kunai doing 120 damage per head shot as somebody who plays a lot of tank, bearing in mind how big and not even particularly hard to hit a lot of tank’s crit boxes are. I’m thinking about DVA specifically who’s crit zone is center mass and who already had the lowest win rate in the last beta and worrying that this is just going to compound her problems.


Hate to be that guy, but Kiriko’s whole thing is surrounding her kitsune. You know, a nine-tailed fox?

I only see one? Unless there’s an actual reason for that? Can kitsune hide their tails, or was it just a case of ‘too hard to animate?’