"Less event content, focusing on balancing." With little to show


Good, they should only do what they want to do, the players are too split and are never happy no matter what, they need to do what THEY think is best not come complainers on the forums who insult them, wish for their death and even email their boss saying they should be fired.


you forget that dota doesn’t want every hero to be equally viable, and don’t have to think about things like verticality on maps.

You obviously don’t know anything about meta trends if you think blizz can just wave a magic wand and balance the entire game to equal viability. it is infinitely harder than you are making it out to be. Changing one small thing can tip the balance to where a hero who was never touched becomes insanely weak or strong.

balance is more than what one hero can do. its all the possible interactions between heros and team comps that can happen and there are damn near an infinite amount of possible matchups to consider


I have no doubt they’re constantly testing small changes. It’s just mostly done internally because it takes fewer resources than updating an entire public server every time they want to tweak something. That’d also why they don’t really do many changes once things hit PTR, because they’ve already spent a ton of time adjusting it before it even goes public.

Also, what they have to “show” for the change in focus of manpower is the fact that we have so many heroes getting reworked now. The resources for those don’t come out of nowhere.


More Archives would require more story. That department has completely shut down.


PTR is at best stress testing, at worse just promotional for new content.

It’s not really necessary.


i don’t know if anyone has said anything, but…



1: They don’t have to keep you in the loop at all. Be grateful that they do… as many games companies don’t.
2: the PTR isn’t really there to gauge how much players like/agree/disagree with whatever they put on it. It’s to try and get as many different people with different machines and different set-ups as possible to try to break what they upload before they go live to the masses. Why do you think there is no console PTR? Because if it works on one console, it’ll work on all of them.
PTR is for “If you do this, while doing this, at this part of the map, this bugs out.” not “Wow these changes are too strong it’s gonna make this hero mandatory and this hero useless.” By the time something is on PTR (with very rare exceptions, see Lucio) it’s concrete that it’s gonna be in the game and Bliz just needs you to make sure it doesn’t break the engine.


Confirmed no new maps will be announced this blizzcon.


They could, but that would be conjecture.


but also that they are working on one, but it won’t be done by blizzcon


While that is true… I think that if they don’t announce anything exciting this blizzcon then we are screwed. A new map won’t be enough to keep interest in the game.


They don’t want to announce it at Blizzcon unlike other maps because they want to to have more of an impact, so expect it to be the same timeframe as before.


Kek, you never played WoW battlegrounds, did you?


I mean, Diablo 3 got a “WE HAVE SOMETHING HUGE… but it isn’t coming at BlizzCon. All we have for that is it came out for the Switch. BUT NEXT YEAR WE HAVE BIG NEWS.” So, Idk.


Everyone is very disappointed and dissatisfied with the lack of content. It’s been forever since we received story development. Comics have practically stopped. Animations were taking a while but we should see another at Blizzcon.

But they have no excuse for the balancing issues. Yes, I agree, its very difficult and it takes a lot of effort to fix these things. However, its been ages for Hog to get fixed and it’s finally happening. We all have to hope its a legitimate fix. Not something like Pharah’s fix.

No new map? Very disappointing as well. A map is the least of the worries, however, maps add some story as well. It adds new gameplay and new ways to play. Such as Oasis back a couple years ago now. It introduced jump pads into the game.

A new character is definite, but if this new one isn’t what we need, its going to be very harsh on the community. We need a main tank in my opinion, but there’s so many heroes we could use. Maybe a Talon tank? Omnic? A new character that is exactly what we need, would help balance the game.

To be honest, Blizzcon could be very disappointing by how it sounds so far. We don’t want OWL and World Cup features. Most players want to play the game, not watch it. The game is so popular because of the fans. All games’ success is because of the fans. It should be time that we get what we deserve, and that’s better content.


he said it’s because they want the map to have more of an impact, but what is changing the time really going to do? if they’re committing their resources to what was it balance changes and sending character info over the net for people to view live then offsetting the time isn’t really going to do anything. but maybe they do want their map to have impact and just aren’t willing to put extra resources into hyping the thing while also changing their balance.


Forget about it. Devs decided that it is better to put more time into glorious OWL and now into World Cup viewer nobody asked for, rather than into actual balancing and new gameplay content.

Enjoy your e-sports, because Blizz knows what you want better than you.


It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the balancing in this game is now beyond broken. I see the absolute FPS design monstrosity that is Doomfist flying around the map, one-shotting everyone, everyone being pinballed and having their movement halted by endless CC abilities, while I struggle to see anything going on due to an immense technicolor visual clutter until a stray Hanzo arrow kills me.

Every damage I do seems to have no effect, things only die when there is an abomination like Doomfist or Hanzo running around.


Reaper is viable for 2nd point on 2CP maps or as a backline answer to doomfist and sombra. Ive seen some streamers do fairly well with him. Bastion currently feels more viable than junkrat. Roadhog is played…on ilios? Currently, while some heroes are certainly easier to climb with (eg. sombra, doom), every dps except junkrat and maybe bastion feel fairly viable at most tiers, just not in each situation. The healer meta is flexible, with even mercy having a niche. While the game is much more flexible now than before, the main problem is that many of peoples favorite characters are niche picks, and some just feel bad to play (roadhog).


They dont care about the average player, only for the pros.