New Dev update - Developer Update | October 2018 Update (The patch has landed!)


This might be why the PTR patch was slow.

(And yes, we do have balance changes)

Patch notes, let’s go!

"Less event content, focusing on balancing." With little to show

Oh, wow, what a pleasant surprise. I was not expecting one of these. :grinning:



A new way to watch OWL is coming. The beta will be through the B.Net client. It will let us specate the games ourselves, basically.

A new map will not be at blizzcon, but maps are being worked on.

Reaper, Roadhog, Mercy and Sym are being buffed!


I am genuinely excited for the new viewer. It sounds like the first step towards match recaps in general for your own games.

It would be super good for analyzing your own mistakes/successes and to improve in the long-run.


No new map, well after the stain that was Junkertown, can we complain



Oh look, all the characters people were complained about are being buffed.

I can’t wait to see the day they are viable picks, is it too hopeful to say this patch?



Also yay Symm and Mercy will get looked at too. And the fact that something Valk will be tweak has me a bit intrigued.

I could care less about the whole OWL stuff cause…it’s OWL.


this is super hype. I cant wait for this


More specifically, the Mercy buffs will be for Valk, and the Roadhog buffs will be around the hook and shotgun consistency (fixed spread???)

Actually they might do the same thing for Reaper (consistency).


Owl yawwwwwwnnnnnnnn

Buffs yey

Kinda sad thats all what was said.


Blizzcon is coming, I’d imagine they don’t want to reveal their hand.


this OWWCviewer will be super awsome tool to have :slight_smile:

but there is one problem - where they will be looking up for our feedback? obviously not on forums


Seeing as 4 of the most requested buffs are happening, I think they do read it.
Not responding =/= Not listening.


I’m pretty stoked for the OWC viewer and Mercy, Roadhog, and Sym buffs…
But even though Sym is my second main when he said Reaper my face lit up.
Now I’m just quietly waiting for the day he says Bastion and buffs in the same sentence.


I’m praying that they fix Sym’s primary and bring back shield gen.


Roadhog reaper symmetra mercy bufffssss!!!

I am so excited!!!




All aboard the HYPE TRAIN


With the biggest complaint about this Meta being sustain they’ll probably never bring it back.


I don’t play shotgun characters so I’ll have to wait for someones in-depth analyzes on that one.