Left click to forward movement

I’m sorry, but what mad man does this?

Anyone here who has this or wants to have this?


It’d be cool if we had voice-activated controls. I think I saw some YouTuber do it once.

“Go forward!” Winston walks forward.
“Jump!” Winston jumps up.
“Use E!” Winston deploys Barrier Projector.

moira players, they dont unbound the damage beam they have on that same button.


For fun, just mix up all the controls and see how well you can do

Double mapping left-click for both forward throttle and primary fire would actually be a pretty funny thing to do with old Brigitte. It’d give your left middle finger some extra rest.

How else would I be able to play Overwatch on my Taiko drum set?


But it’s on RMB by default.

Anyone who switches it to LMB frighten me and I hope I never get them on my team :sunglasses:

ofc you dont there cannot be two Moira onetricks in one team

lol shhhhhh :rofl::rofl:

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There are players without arms or legs who play games and some of these players bind their left mouse to things like movement.


People with disabilities need to be able to remap every single button. Where is more comfortable for each individual is different.

So not really a matter of “who do this” and more a matter of allowing full customization option.

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I did that, I just couldn’t comprehend shooting, or damaging, not being right trigger (PS4 player here). After growing up on COD, I couldn’t make sense of damage not being right trigger. I tried for 10 hours, but in the end I was still messing it up all the time, so I just switched them. It has been going much better since then

Reaper players, they bound m1 to move and m2 to shoot so the other hand can do/eat something with 2nd hand.

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LMG and RMB works as favor the shooter so maybe that is why.
Using those 2 buttons have no server delay

That’s not how favor the shooter works.

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smh moba players.

yes it does.

Oh man, I put it on my lmb.

It felt more natural to have it there and my healing on right.

I play a lot of Mei, so I’m used to using my rmb a lot as well.

There is a video in the official channel that explain it, search for Netcode.

I would link, but I can’t access YouTube right now from my phone.

i know how it works. it is not the first game to have that.