Left click to forward movement

I wish some tank mains did that honestly.

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tbh I changed Baptiste healing to left click and his damage to right click because of Moira hahaha.

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You monster, you utter monster

Actually, there was a thread on the forum recently, some guy reported it as a bug. Strangely enough … they’ve fixed it (relatively) fast :man_shrugging:

So, do you just go around insulting Moira players for existing or do you have a hobby of some kind?

no, i do respond to many other topics, i also do alot of other things in real life.
but if that can help you put down your inner fire, insulted nobody.
it was literally a joke, and a funny one.
take a sip of my wine.


Actually, plenty of Quake Players do have strange keybinds. Plenty of them use RMB for Forward or use RMB for Jumping. Toxjq, one of Quake Champions Pro Players does actually play with invert mouse and the following keybinds:

Forward: LMB
Backwards: RMB
Left: Z
Right: X
Shoot: C

So with that said, i feel like i am kinda in the minority here with my keybinds. Does anyone else has as strange or even stranger keybinds as me?

Forward: RMB
Backwards: S
Left: A
Right: D
Jump: Space
Crouch: ALT
Shoot 1: LMB
Shoot 2: Shift
Ability 1: W
Ability 2: E
Ability 3: Q

I know this is your first post, but you are responding a thread from TWO YEARS AGO.
Please don’t do that. It’s called necrobumping and it is frowned upon.
(Although old threads should be autolocked after a certain time of no activity.)