Kicked for Inactivity While Playing, but pinned in Spawn

I just got kicked from my competitive game for “Inactivity” while I was moving and playing the game the entire time it was counting down. I even tried running out the spawn door briefly to cancel the kick, but still got kicked anyway. I then couldn’t rejoin, and had a 15 minute ban, but exited out of the game entirely, closed blizzardnet, reopened, relaunched the game, and got a rejoin option. By the time I rejoined the game was ending. None of my other teammates, who were also in spawn were kicked. Also the fact that it showed me a 15 minute ban, but reloading the game took the ban away and let me rejoin screams bug to me. Very frustrating to receive a loss in a comp game, that could have easily gone a different direction had I been allowed to play.

This is the replay code for that game: J8GACM

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I will try to review your replay code later, but there is a new rule where if you idle too long in spawn you may get the AFK timer and sometimes it won’t resolve even if you exit spawn. Blizzard is working on making corrections but for now, make sure you actively exist the spawn as quickly as possible.

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The same thing just happened to me in a competitive match. I don’t understand why that’s even a thing. If you’re active, you’re active. No reason to kick. There can be situations like mine just now, a bastion was camping at our spawn and as a healer i couldn’t leave and it kicked me but no one else! This issue needs to be resolved.


Unfortunately there are rules that work to prevent players from abusing and even exploiting the Competitive Play experience including this new one which was implemented. Again, for now just make sure you say active and quickly exit spawn until they can adjust the conditions of the new rule.

A Moira would be a great choice to quickly evade the camping Bastion and rejoin your team, but yes they will fix the rule overall.

I too just had this issue in mystery hero.

the whole team was pinned in spawn for an extended period of time, but is this a new penalty? it seems unbalanced.
Yall should work on this
here in ELO hell we get stuck in spawn a lot by overly aggressive teams.

Ive had the same issue today, the enemies were holding our spawn on Junkertown and I got kicked for inactivity, I luckily was able to rejoin fast enough.

I’ve recorded what happened, on youtube: watch?v=HVK61f1Srn0

Theres no opportunity for me to walk out of spawn here, not even for a millisecond to stop the inactivity warning. I would simply throw the game and die if I tried to. I was actively doing damage, healing and using my abilities. Its common for people to hold close or hold the spawn doors (especially on maps like Havana), so I dont really understand why this new rule is added.

Same here. Picked a character and was running out of spawn but still got 15min ban.

CQSQB9 Late to the start but kicked while trying to leave spawn.

Can’t be expected to wait 15 minutes in queue and be ready at the drop of a dime. Role queue is poorly implemented. Design a “ready up” option when queue is up.

How do you explain Rock’s situation? Kicked while actively playing from inside spawn. Unreal