Wow fanatic getting kicked for being spawn camped

:clown_face: SOON :clown_face: but we all know what soon means in blizzard context


ok yeah they probably made it where you get kicked for not being a certain distance out of spawn in a certain time

But if you’re a healer what are you meant to do in situations like that?

It’s a poor development decision.

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supposably it’s a bug and there working on a fix also id say the best thing you can do to not get kicked while on support is go like reddit lucio out of spawn then do damage to restart the timer

You should be doing that anyways, if they are spawn camping you, bowl them over.

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Trouble is, I don’t think this is a bug. It’s a new rule (which will be tweaked no doubt).

How can I bowl them over as healer?

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If you are being solo spawn camped, come out as lucio and leave them in your dust.

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Ah good find thanks.

dude, the timer didn’t go away even when I got killed. I don’t think “switching” would do anything

You cant die in spawn. That sounds like a bug.

Ohhh that’s a relief. Thanks for the info!

i think it’s a bug that the bug didn’t go away when you died lmao

did you watch the replay? i LEFT spawn and got killed

You forgot to include this replay.

because i remember i almost got kicked when we were getting spawned camped then i was typing then i fed my brains out then the timer reset

I’m really into playing Genshin Impact at the moment. That developer gives away in game gifts when there are bugs identified, or compensation (gifts) when there is downtime for updates.

They’re a pretty cool developer. Hint hint Blizzard….

they did include it when they replied to me it’s drcx5y

Someone else posted a random replay, not OP.