Kicked for inactivity, whilst moving?

So we’ve all been there… one of those QP games where you’re placed in a team about ten times worse than the opponents. You literally can’t get out of the spawn room for getting hammered…

I was just in one of these games playing the attacking team on Junkertown, just outside the health wall part, so taking some damage. Was playing as Mercy desperately trying to keep my teammates alive whilst they were trying to get out. Saw the inactivity thought wtf? I’m moving? Got kicked.

Apparently this is now a thing in the new update?

I’m not one to complain about this game, but this is NOT OK to implement, whilst there are issues with matching from time to time when placed in an horrifically unbalanced team.

Anyone else noticed this recently?


It doens’t affect high ranks/OWL so they won’t care…


Hello. They said that supposedly this isnt meant to be happening and is a bug. feature not working as intended so might aswell just call it a bug. I guess theyre working on a fix rn or something.

Either way. If you ever get this inactivity thing on your screen again, just shoot your enemies. It goes away if you deal damage.


Bug my … they implemented this new system not taking lower ranks in account( and their smurf problems) smurfs can now just get lower ranked people suspended/making them lose alot of SR.


Ah I see it’s a bug, thanks. Thing is I was playing my role as a healer, so wasn’t shooting lol

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Lol yea and especially if you are Mercy who has to switch to her gun :sob: Im actually surprised it doesnt go away while healing too… but the more you know. Guess its just damage. Cuz I remember I made it go away by shooting someone.

Im pretty sure one of the developers said somewhere here on forum that its a Bug. I aint gonna go looking for it though.

Found this in the bug forum for a similar thing. So turns out it’s not a bug, it’s a new rule?

Supposedly this new inactivity timer was implemented as a means to punish throwers and bots who don’t leave spawn but move just enough to avoid getting kicked; inadvertently, they made spawncamping an even more toxic tactic. Honestly they should wholly remove this implementation; I’d rather play with an AFK thrower/bot than see innocent players get punished.

The problem is that it was an exploit because the players who are stuck outside would get kicked. It was a problem I’ve been tracking for quite some time now.

Well that would be ok if the match making was solid, or you’re not inadvertently put in a situation of being pinned in spawn due to leaver in comp.

This is a poorly thought out idea IMO. Not impressed.

Btw this is my game code in case you’re gathering evidence is - GJ352H

Note the exaggerated moves at 4mins once the message appears :joy:

Easy fix to aggressive inactivity kicks in couple steps:

  1. Make inactivity timer aggressive only after first bout of inactivity in spawn
  2. Make actions such as healing non-self damage, taking damage and dealing damage count towards the non-inactivity
  3. Make actions that give fire points to your character count towards non-inactivity (such as dmg boosting, offensive assists like speed boosting and nanoboosting)

Boom, you will now still force botters to exit spawn so they don’t get kicked for inactivity, but you can stop botters from exploiting by staying in spawn and forcing them to do player actions and walk outside of spawn to take damage to stay inactive. You will help players to not get booted when botters are forced to take damage. Players will not get booted inside spawn in case of spawncamping or otherwise being forced to stay in spawn, if they still perform player actions. Allow players to actually exit spawn in case of backfilling without things like load times and choosing character instantly and aggressively trying to boot the player out.