Just asking, why does the Overwatch Team hide nerfs under "Bug fixes"?

So how are players supposed to know what is affected by the damage boost and what is not affected by it? I have been playing this game since launch and I’m still uncertain what abilities it actually can boost.

Your only job is to accept their will without hesitation and second thoughts!

Yes master. Whatever you say :no_mouth:

i agree but moira bug was actually a bug, they said they will do it eventually since they released her.

The two examples you provided were never intended from a design perspective.

“Fixed a bug that allowed Mercy to damage boost Hanzo’s Dragonstrike”

Never intended, for over two years? The damage boost rules were consistent and now they make zero sense. Let’s be honest this was only “fixed” as a way to nerf Hanzo and Gravdragon.

“Fixed a bug that allowed Moira to heal through barriers”

This should’ve been made into a feature instead of being fixed. Moira not being able to heal through barriers feels terrible, it makes her feel inconsistent.

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There is a plain simple answer to why it was a bug for 2 years.
Who used a mercy to pocket a hanzo ult before?
Rarely anybody and even if you did, you wouldn’t have noticed the difference since the ult was used in a completly different way.

Now after his rework, Hanzo is more viable than ever.
The Grav + Dragonstrike combo became more prevelant, people started experimenting and found out that the Dragonstrike could actually be boosted.
Something that came to light because all of the sudden transcendence couldn’t outheal the damage anywhere, which previously it could because nobody used the boost.

Just because a bug exists for 2 years in a game doesn’t mean that it has been detected for 2 years.

Good lord, you people jumped on Tom :rofl:

It is a bug now because they dont know what else they should do. Now they look pretty stupid but in the end they dont care about that.

This was a bug fix after they allowed translocator to be destroyed.
My guess is that it still couldn’t be destroyed in some weird map interactions

I am still trying to find the patch note as it still not listed under the announcement tab.

Literally every Mercy worth their salt did, same with D.Va bomb, that’s Mercy basics. And the difference in both cases actually was pretty noticeable if you regularly played any of those three heroes.


Ofcourse you reported this right?

You’ve obviously encountered something that was missed by a lot of people.
This bug got discovered when people found out that Zen couldn’t save people in grav’s anymore, which came to light after the recent Hanzo changes.

I barely saw any Hanzos and the ones I did see didn’t get damage boosted, because there were always way more valuable things to than boosting a zoning ult. Which is how that ult was used in the past

I used it all the time on hanzos Ult and all the Mercy players i know did just the same. There are even Threads asking which stuff can be boosted and which not and Hanzos Ult was with that as well as Dva’s all, always.
And i think Jeff himself said at one point that you could boost Hanzo’s Ult.

This stuff was no secret bug for exploiting, but a legit stradegy which all Mercy player known about.

Would be just again a proof that pro players never should have a word about Mercy or balance in general. They have known literally nothing about her until she became OP, thanks to her revert.

Just as an example of 2016:

It was already known back then.

Career game dev here.

There is no way the Mercy / Hanzo damage boost wasn’t known to them. Game devs on AAA titles know their game by heart, left and right, up and down.

Mercy boosting Hanzo was intentional from the start. They are just finding ways to nerf her subtly.
The megathreads are kinda taking the spotlight (very passionate players indeed) so they want to avoid the words Mercy and nerf in the same sentence. :slight_smile:

Moira’s healing through shields was 100% intentional. They got rid of it in part because Symmetra’s new ult was coming and the sheer amount of shields in the game.

The Sombra translocator hp wasn’t a bug neither. It was kind of op because they made it last forever, so they made it destructible.

You don’t leave a feature for months if it’s not intentional and, no, it doesn’t take weeks for a simple projectile collision check change like that. Your lead programmer can change that in a few hours.

So tldr, they made small miscalculations and want to subtly revert / change them and want to avoid a huge hate storm by the community. :slight_smile:

Have a good day folks.


Then why did they label Sombra’s “Fixed a bug that prevented translocator from being destroyed” as a bug fix. The thing deliberately had no hit points. That is not a bug fix. That is an intentional nerf, adding HP to something that was formerly designed to be indestructible.

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Because at any given time there are probably 100 different things to be worked on. They can only do so much and I am sure prioritize things based on needs/wants/importance. Are you a programmer? If not, then I suggest not commenting on things you understand nothing about.

Way too many of you guys think in such a black and white context.

Um no?

In my experience, the so-called “bug” (which it wasn’t) was extremely common knowledge and you’d find it on any guide and it was brought anytime anyone asked for Mercy tips. The interaction itself was known by most of the playerbase and its ability against Transcendence was fairly commonly known as well, Hanzo was just too inconsistent and dive was meta so people didn’t want to bet solely on the ult-combo.

Decent Mercy players always boosted the dragons unless they had absolutely zero chance of hitting something, just as they always boosted Self-Destruct. Grav-dragons was always known as an amazing team wipe combo, that’s why when someone did run Hanzo you always wanted a Zarya as well, it simply wasn’t usually worth the other cons. And no, this was not something most of the playerbase missed.

They could have fixed it in the game’s beta

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Should have been considered a nerf for Mercy, instead of a bug (Damage boost no longer affects Hanzo and D.Va’s ultimate abilities + Junkrat’s steel trap).

You should try blue beaming more. Or battle mercy comps in LFG.