Junkertown queen's voice has been removed from junkertown and her weapons are gone from her throne

The weapons don’t appear on low graphics settings, which Stylosa has mentioned he plays on to maximize FPS. The weapons are still there—however, the very same weapons are scattered all throughout the throne room, indicating that they’re reused assets rather than unique weapons which belong to the queen. In that respect, it makes sense that they’re still there.
The absence of her voice is a much more telling hint which, at the very least, lets us know she’s no longer canonically in Junkertown.


look at the canister on the weapon though, is it me or does it look like the yellow canister in the teaser?

Makes sense…

Removing the voice could make sense if she is going to become playable but it may be alos a bug.

Any screenshots on the missing weapons? Are you sure you are using the same graphic settings? Some props disappears at lower settings.

That’s a good point. It may be a coincidence, but given the placement I feel like it could be a nod to the general decorative style of Junkertown.

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its similar, but in the teaser at the bottom and top of the can there is gray, which isn’t there.
also on epic graphics (maybe lowers too, im usnig epic only now to see the map perfectly) the can in the weapon has metal bars around it

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Has anyone else noticed a voice-line from Junkrat while waiting for the game to start? He mentions a name like Dr. James … or something like that. What is that all about?

… Junkrat’s name is james or jamison

Can anyone confirm that the voicelines when you enter no longer activate or is this just speculation?

If it’s her prepare for the “NOT ANOTHER FEMALE HERO” threads.

Also, is the Junkerqueen connected to Hammond somehow? Or are we perhaps getting a double release?

I did this yesterday, the voicelines are gone both on PTR and live servers.

I was hoping for another teaser around the same time as the one two days ago, but nothing so far. :frowning:

When did the others usually come out?

Well the tweet from two days ago was released at exactly 11:00 AM EST, so I was hoping they would follow that pattern. But it’s also possible the next teaser won’t even be a tweet.

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If it’s an ARG tho I’ll break my chair in excitement lmao

Can you imagine that Hammond is just a legendary skin for Winston and JunkQueen is our new tank ? :smiley:

20 characters woohoo

Like Sombra! Since you said that it might even be in the form of a tweet! And I love solving puzzles!

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There is no voice on live I believe as well. Maybe I am wrong but this could be a big thing


Oh yeah! I actually wasn’t around for that, sadly. It looked so fun to try and puzzle out all of their little hints for her. It seems like they’ve been getting a little more on the nose with their teasers since her, though. It’d be a really cool idea!
I kind of suspected they’d maybe extend the video they gave us and maybe animate some of the posters blowing away as if to bring more attention to one of the other ones, but I’m not sure. The Queen’s voice being removed from Junkertown was kind of subtle and unexpected.

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