Junkertown queen's voice has been removed from junkertown and her weapons are gone from her throne

You’re right! I checked it out yesterday on several different characters, her voice is definitely gone. :slight_smile:

Maann you got my hopes up…

I wasn’t around for it either… ;_; But yeah, your idea is really cool too!

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Whatever the case, I hope they haven’t just decided to give us one teaser and then make us wait two or three weeks to find out what it really is. The curiosity is already killing me :laughing:

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It’s killing me too! :0000 … and if they only give us one teaser … oh boy

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Some people have guessed they’d give us the next one on Monday, so I’m still holding out hope. I imagine they’d want to release the hero on PTR while there’s still a lot of hype.
Though I’ll admit that I’ve worked up so many ideas about the Junker Queen that anything else may disappoint me, so I’m blaming myself for that one haha

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Let’s hope that it’s out on Monday then! (If not today…)

If they release them onto the PTR while I’m on summer vacation I’m Gonna die

I’ll get depressed over anything else than the Junker Queen too lmao

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i think jamison fox (fox spelled diffrently but the forum won’t let me post junkrat’s name)

I’m trying to be optimistic if only because they’ve talked about her personality in the past, and definitely seem to have bigger plans for her. Plus, her voice being removed from Junkertown makes it seem certain.
Of course I’m also just saying all that to reassure myself :laughing:


hehe ^^ cHOKEs on bAGUETTe irl as I TYPe thiS Maybe her voice is gone because she no longer has time to say it? ;))) And I hope they have bigger plans! :0

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The forums in a week: oMG bliZzaRd aNOthER FeMAle!!1


Hopefully this isn’t another Doomfist/Orisa situation as to were they tease one hero only to release a different hero entirely first that ties in with that hero.

Thinking about it, Junker Queen + Hammond as a ‘pet’ would be a good combination, with the way they’ve teased things. I wouldn’t be surprised if JQ was a Hunter type character.

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His name is jamison f-a-wkes which is why he would refer to himself as doctor james (btw blizz gg on blocking a word used for one of your heros names ya geniuses)

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I would truly cry if this happens

Not to mentioned, they said that they wanted another meck hero. Perhaps she’s going to be a smaller tank like Zarya and have a small but still powerful robotic suit.

Could be hinting on the next hero.

i am actually surprised that we dont already have a junkertown mech hero

I’m not sure what the timeframe for the fix is, but she should be talking again in a future patch.


This is funny because people thought it was a hint for Junker Queen as a hero.