Junkertown queen's voice has been removed from junkertown and her weapons are gone from her throne

at least on the PTR, its been said in a few topics but never been said in the topic title i dont think, she has taken her weapons, taken her voice and joined talon

seriously though this looks promising i doubt they specifically removed her weapons and her voice just to throw us off but maybe they did


I had a sneaking suspicion that it was gonna be her and not another primate.


I really think she’s more of a possibility than hammond now. Like you said in another thread, if it was just the voice, it might be a coincidence, but the voice AND weapons? Nah


It would be really weird/funny if it winds up being both.

As in Junkertown Queen shows up with Hammond on her shoulder. With a CC ability that involves her lobbing Hammond at someone so he can start messing with them causing them to wander around uncontrollably as they try to fight Hammond off.

I mean it would not be a first for Blizzard. In WoW they have a boss known for the fact it would thrown monkeys onto healers to disrupt their casting.


Where are her weapons normally?


Lying beside or against her throne.


Then we need a custom game that is Ganymede and Hammond VS. Orisa’s dog and Brigitte’s cat


i completely agree, also have to give credit because you are the person who first let me know of the fact that her weapons are gone


Ok. I’m creating a game on the PTR on Junkertown and I see her weapons there. done this a few times, so either I’m looking at something different from you guys or they’re still there… or it has to do with a custom game vs QP, etc.

edit: Oh, I just noticed you can dislodge / move the weapons too. Maybe someone moved them and you just noticed them missing?


You’re positive? I checked before I ever even said it and I didn’t see them, might be a graphical glitch on my side…

They’re on the right side standing up while facing her throne yeah? Yeah they’re still there for me. I put a concussion mine on them and move them away, so I dunno.

Perhaps your graphics are too low to see them?

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i did hear from like 3 people saying they are gone but i play on playstation 4 so i dunno

Well if that’s the case I’m very sorry for spreading misinformation like that. I’m sorry Goaty

honestly you are not the only person who has been on the ptr and said that, because a few people did say the same thing, maybe they were removed for a few hours and then added back in but i am not sure, either way i still want the queen :stuck_out_tongue:

but Cujo is right no need to apologise

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If you could confirm for yourself, that would be great. It might be a bug on my end or something. You should definitely confirm they’re there or not first before apologising.

Dude, I got so excited about this when I saw it. Then just to be safe I turned my graphics up and reentered the game. There they were, crushing my hopes and dreams.
It would have been an irrefutable hint. But still, her voice being gone is a huge indicator by itself.


Wait holy crap her weapons are gone? I knew about her voice but not the weapons :open_mouth:

Unfortunately not. I explored the map earlier today and found them missing, so I got really excited. But I confirmed that they’re only there on higher graphic settings. I was going to make a post about it comparing the thrones on PTR and live, but my dreams were crushed :cry:


sorry i shouldnt have created this topic when i didnt know for sure, that said multiple people said they were gone so maybe they were removed for a short time then re-added, i still think her voice being gone is a huge hint