Jeff Kaplan + Seagull - Live Stream Interview

Seagull is at the Overwatch Creator’s Residency at Blizzard Entertainment and is asking a lot of questions with Game Director Jeff Kaplan. I jumped in a little late but will catch up the list as quickly as possible.

  • Jeff Kaplan is a good tank, but a TERRIBLE support.
  • It took over a year to rebuild the matchmaker and the system to implement Role Queue
  • There was a lot of “automation testing” where bots would queue for certain roles (in a closed environment)
  • The development never wanted to force the Looking-for-Group tool to enforce player behavior.
  • Hints at “Sigma” (suspect hero 31): “It’s a mystery, but not a mystery to me”
  • Jeff: “I am less excited about hero bans” They consider it a “bottom-up” design and they believe that there were better ideas to control hero selection other than hero bans. He does not want players targeting other players and stop them from playing the heroes they want to play on.
  • THE MATCHMAKING RATING SYSTEM WILL NOT HARD RESET! It will adjust to your new roles.
  • Seagull: “When do we get Bikini Roadhog?” (Jeff evaded the question)
  • Mystery heroes will remain in “chaos mode” (the ruleset we currently run on the Arcade). However, in Control Maps the next round will reset hero selections.
  • Endorsements will soon be allowed on more modes including Mystery Heroes.\
  • There is NO MORE SR DECAY for Diamond and higher players.
  • Jeff Kaplan addresses the idea of a Ping System like Apex Legends and why it does not work for Overwatch.
  • They believe that as new maps will be added, the Competitive Mode will eventually reduce the available map pool for Competitive Mode and we are “nearing that point” (there will not be any “map bans”)
  • Seagull: “When will I see Zenyatta lore?” Jeff Kaplan: “SoonTM
  • Jeff Kaplan: “Please have faith in us, we will get this new system working right!”
  • Kaplan stole Seagull’s phone!

I will keep updating this list as I watch.


Since they hinted at Sigma already, I wonder if we’ll be getting it this month instead of the next?

Or did their comment on it only happen because it was leaked by another source?

So far it seems like he’s just further elaborating on what was brought up in the dev update rather than giving any new info

We got confirmation there will be no MMR Reset.

How in the hell is that going to work…

Basically each of your roles will start at the existing MMR and will adjust over time.


Thanks Wyoming, very useful as always.


no sr decay anymore. finally

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That’s the stuff!
No more decay.

QP has a secret mmr that goes from -3 to +3? Have I got it right?

QP classic permanent?
QP classic MMR still exist?

So… I have to throw like 20 matches per role to just be in the ballpark. Wow.

yay no more sr decay


Thank you Jeff!

I think everything is done here. Hope this helped everyone. I will probably start a new topic to sort all of this information out.

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So…We’re implementing a new system that’s gonna be held to old system rather than a reset? Because that’s not going to be nightmarish or anything

Yeah I also was expecting a MMR reset. We’ll see how this affects things.

Unfortunately I’ll have to ruin many matches when queueing up as tank or DPS before I get down to whichever hellish SR I deserve.

Yeah I mean why test the system implemented? It’s not like you are developers or anything.