Jeff Kaplan + Seagull - Live Stream Interview

Well we are getting Zen lore soon. Was hoping for Mercy but I will take it!

The Ban Hammer coming for the DPS Moira and Reddit Lucio’s!

Just like comics…
We wait for quite some time for those, this soon dont work so soon as it should be soon.


So no MMR reset? So i start every role at my current SR and then “throw” my way down in roles I’m not good playing as?

Funny how they did just that. :confused:

If they did not make LFG work I don’t really have faith it will work when it is forced upon everyone.

please return turret 3 of the torb to return to the overload skill. please
torb deserves your baby back

That…isnt throwing.

Well being forced to play heroes i cant play at that SR is kinda throwing.


Throwing is purposely losing the game…on purpose

Welp, glad decay is gone. Would rather not have to check back in every so often after school, work, and family.

Well yeah, its kinda “reverse” throwing. The System basically throws the match by putting me at the SR i dont belong.

Thanks for the summary, you da real MVP.

sighs no, it isnt, its just putting you in a bad situation, but as long as you are genuinely tryinf your best to win, there is no throwing involved, period