Please do not remove maps from comp

Yeah I haven’t heard anything about this. Sometimes maps are removed for bug fixes (like oasis iirc) but I doubt they would put a map ban/rotation system into place without months of development and leaks (like what happened with 2-2-2).

I saw somewhere that jeff said there will be “map pools” in comp. What does that mean?

Jeff said it after the dev. update went live in a twitch interview (with someone from OWL or just a streamer, but I don’t really follow him so I can’t recall).

Maybe remove horizon and Paris forever in all modes except custom game.

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Yes, Jeff said this in an interview that there might be comp map pools but no map bans. But there’s no difference imo. Whether you’re giving salty players the right to veto to never play certain maps (and we know certain maps will just never get played in that case), or whether you’re vetoing it yourselves and just removing it from the comp rotation, you’re still going to be removing maps from the experience of people who play exclusively comp.

Jeff mentions in here :- Jeff Kaplan + Seagull - Live Stream Interview

removing 2CP from competitive (hopefully).

paladins removed their onslaught mode because it was bad and toxic…it’s still available in quickplay, but you’ll never play the mode in comp.

It’s a mode that really doesn’t work without a coordinated team just like 2CP.
also paladins has a map queue for anyone that doesn’t know, you can filter out map types so you don’t have to play them.

2CP should not be removed. Team coordination is a part of competitive, it’s necessary, and just because it makes bad and individualist players salty does not mean it needs removing.

With 2-2-2 the mode should be much less frustrating anyways, and this isn’t like the old days where you had dedicated defense category (and torb armour everywhere) wreaking havoc and old symmetra with permanent tele as support making your every kill irrelevant plus mass rez to boot.

People need to grow up. Not be catered to just because they can’t learn to group up and break a choke together.


With any luck, Ilios will become near non-existent. Praise the sun (ironically) that this bright, blinding hell will accost my eyes less frequently.

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I actually like the idea of a “map pool” per season. Would make the seasons feel more unique. Also i kind of hate how new maps get thrown into comp very early on and youre forced to play a map most people have no clue how to play yet.

Please remove 4 maps from Comp & QP

Rialto, Lunar Horizon, Paris, and Havanna

Thank you

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Maybe they should just rework Horizon and Paris into maps that are not so unfun to play? Get player feedback and improve them.

I don’t see a need for map rotation.

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Paladins never had onslaught as a competitive mode, Siege has been the only competitive mode.

It has nothing to do with catering or learning something, it’s just a bad mode, even pro players don’t like it, but frankly they should be the only ones playing it, you’re asking 6 people to try and work together for one organized push, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

According to overbuff you were 2200SR a few days before you privated your account, telling others they don’t know how to group up is a wild assumption from someone who’s played over 2000hrs and can’t even crack platinum. I don’t think you understand how the game is played just based off those facts, have a good day.

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Exactly, 2CP is a dumb mode. TF2’s 5CP is a mistake as well. The very IDEA of the mode not only promotes degeneracy but also frustrating games.

Hanamura for example. The options you have are QUITE limited. You got the front door, and you got the top left corner. Many turtle trying to get in because they’re just taking SO MUCH POKE.

Basically every 2CP map favors the defenders a LOT. I once attacked 2nd point on Hanamura for like 5 minutes straight. They just kept spitting out of their spawn.

Is bad mode, worst mode in this game. They’ve made it better overtime (GREAT GOOOGLY MOOOGLY remember when capturing points was ALL OR NOTHING!? It was PAAAAAAAAAAAAINFUL!) But it’s STILL bad. If it takes this much effort on their part to make it better but it still feels awful, that’s a problem with the inherent game mode.

I was actually diamond D.Va main a few seasons till brig came out, then dropped to plat, then tried my hand at DPS for a few seasons and dropped to gold and now I’m climbing back up on D.Va. I only have profile private cause I don’t like enemy teams cheesing me by going: Rein Zarya Mei Sym Moira for maximum DM uselessness, it’s cheap and dumb. Though I just go Zarya or Rein now if they do that, finally picked up other tanks. I only go public precisely to prove I was diamond to salty teammates.

Anyways, I know pros whine about it, and they should be ignored as whiners. Everything the devs do to satisfy their whining ruins the game.

Group up and learn to push.

diamond players don’t drop to low gold lmfao…that’s all i need to in order to know you’re lying, you don’t gotta be embarrassed bro just be honest next time.

you know how to group up and push as a gold player, but pro players are just whiners that should be ignored, makes perfect sense.

It’s not ok for a map to be poop flavoured tho.

Looking at you paris.

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I see a pattern… the new maps are poopy

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I’m not lying though, lol. is an easy hero to get really tilted on and start playing real messy. When brig came out I adjusted badly, and dropped out of diamond down to plat. Once I hit low plat, I started trying to play DPS because I was tired of not finding a way to play properly in the new state of the game. I did badly, but Sombra was fun to learn and I improved.

I did not drop into low gold though, I dropped into high SILVER. and worked my way back up, then realized I was at best a low gold DPS. So now I’m back on and working back up to diamond. I hit plat again last night.

As for pro players, they are better players, but they’re also boring as heck minmaxers. They almost destroyed this game with the triple tank triple support abuse, and forced blizz to introduce 222 to kill it after heavy nerfs on individual heroes did not stop them.

These boring minmaxers don’t like maps with chokepoints? Ignore them. Those maps are an essential part of what overwatch is, and just because they make tens of thousands of dollars playing the game doesn’t mean they know better what parts of overwatch are boring.

Without 2cp, this game would be garbage. Unpopular opinion, I know. But despite it being hated, think about it: which game mode most shows off what overwatch is about, koth? 2cp? Payload?

It’s 2cp. Without 2cp, a hero like mei wouldn’t be half as fun for example.

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