Jayne PTR games, and Reaper


Still not good enough for high tier.
And too strong for low tier :confused:

They really should have buffed ShadowStep instead. Giving him the ability to approach, damage, and retreat without being babysat by his team.


They shouldn’t have buffed it again to begin with.

He needs some sort of shadowstep overhaul.


Because it didn’t fix the fundamental issue with him, it just makes him overpowered at what he was already good at doing.

His issue isn’t damage or health regen, it’s that he can’t gap close/escape effectively. He could have all the damage and survivability in the world at close range, if he can’t get close and has nothing to speak of from afar, it won’t matter.

If this doesn’t do anything but make console and low tiers hell, I hope they finally do something about that.


What kind of shadowstep buff/overhaul?


It just shows how much the devs are disconnected with their playerbase, always giving balance decisions that nobody asks.

(or needs.)


Ask grey, he already given it in another thread.


to use it as a combat ability aswell. you see, with reaper, you go in, you have one ability to react to the enemies abilities (wraith). you either use it in mid fight to reload, fake or bait abilities, basically to win that fight, or you waste a lot of time, sneak, attack and scape. either way you are one ability short to be productive. thats where shadowstep should come in


I like this one. Gives him the ability to approach with Wraith, and retreat with ShadowStep. But it would help a lot if you either can teleport behind a Tank, or at an offangle from ranged enemies.
But it isn’t completely safe. Which is good. Gives enemies a way to counter it.


… why bother replying at all? I DID ask IN the post you’re directly replying to!


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People keep saying this, but as someone who has played a considerable amount of Reaper… that is dangerous. Maybe they could change it, but a straight mobility buff would be a much larger deal than people are giving it credit for.

Imagine giving Tracer Reaper’s guns and lifesteal… just comes out of nowhere into your face and starts melting you. Scary stuff.


I have no idea what they were thinking with his buff.

Buffing his ability to stay in battle doesn’t fix his inability to properly engage in most cases at high tiers. ShadowStep needs retooling in order to function well enough as a reliable engage mechanic so Wraith can function as his retreat/stall mechanic instead of being his usable ability vs his meme one.


Well, that’s why you buff the Disappearing on ShadowStep, but not the Reappearing.

Any thoughts on this specific implementation? I figure it bypasses the types of problems you were mentioning, since if you approach with Wraith, it’s pretty obvious that you are coming.
Jayne PTR games, and Reaper


They would have to reduce his lifesteal by a lot. I would rather not have a 50% lifesteal character that does heavy damage, has an nearly instant reload/invulnability and a clutch escape all in one.


Oh god please no.

Look, we can all agree that Shadow Step is terrible, okay? How about we walk over to imagination-land and try to think about what it would be like to fight a shotgun hero with extremely high damage and two unstoppable (and only kind of punishable) escape abilities.

I don’t know what vision Blizzard has for the character, but that most certainly isn’t it. If Shadow Step is supposed to be an approach, it doesn’t really benefit from first-part invulnerability and probably needs to be faster. If shadow step is supposed to be an escape, then wraith form would like to have a word. If they can’t find a way to make shadow step work, I wouldn’t mind seeing them replace it entirely, but him having two escapes is basically an annoyance on par with Sombra, and we don’t need more of that.


Well yeah, the idea would be to revert the lifesteal change.


The trick is, if Reaper teleports away in front of enemies that have range, he’s just gonna get shot in the back repeatedly.


revert damage back to original, make shadowstep close to instant and reaper is invulnerable for the super short duration, and usable while shooting as well as moving.


Unless he teleports anywhere out of their field of vision. The reason current Shadow Step is punishable much at all as an escape is that he can be shot before fading away. And yes, that makes it fairly useless as an escape right now, but I really don’t think that’s what it was meant to be.


I had my own idea for a Shadow Step overhaul that might be pretty cool.