Jayne just called out Teleporter for being bad

I tried that. The baby D.Va kept shooting down thosse turrets cuz you know, it only takes one bullet to do so and kept jumping around. If the charged up orb didn’t have splash damage she’d have killed me. It’s absolutely ridiculous. What other dps has problems handling a baby D.Va

Yeah, we’re not smart enough to have figured out how to use her properly over the last 8 months.

Please Blizzard, enlighten us as to how your utterly failed rework was actually a success and we’re the ones who are wrong.

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Can we have old teleporter back pls?

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I dunno what he’s talking about, although I guess I have seen some pros pick Sym for the teleporter and it just confirms that they’re really rusty with Sym in general.
TP being destroyed is almost never a problem. If you’re a good Sym, you won’t be placing either entrance in direct view of the enemy, just as if you’re Reaper you’re not dumb enough to use Shadow Step in plain view. The only issue with teams being split by TP is half take it and the other half don’t bother, which isn’t the Sym’s fault. And even then you still win the teamfight because you have, say, a Rein, Ana and Sym attacking from one direction and a Soldier, Moira and Dva attacking from the front so you pincer them in and win.

Not disagreeing that both teleporter types need slight tweaks though, ignoring railings would be a massive help, slightly faster deploy time, slightly larger use radius. Possibly bigger range, but only a bit.

Not every hero needs to be good, if every hero was good there would still be ones better its an endless loop.

her teleport has other purposes then just teleport

u can play mindgames
u can set turret bombs
and u can sacrifice a tp on B.O.B (or turret) to get thru a choke

and its still a better version of reapers shadowstep for the whole team

it only need some more HP

Btw, as a teammate to Sym… anyone else dislike that you can’t tell how long the tele is up? I mean, I might want to do a quick dash behind enemy lines for some cheeky ult charge, but I’m always afraid it will despawn before I have the time to retreat. Can’t there be a better visual indicator of how much time it has left?

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Destroying her tp didnt need the whole enemy to do it lol, you talk as if they all
Need to turn their back just to destroy a 200 hp teleporter.
One hero can do it and in Pro scene its even harder to do a sneaky Tp because they are not potatoes.

Lul this BS doesnt matter at all. You need to escape from combat first which is a struggle for Sym.

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They should just give Sym a little more HP so she can actually fight close range as a first step.

Then make her turrets and her old shield into 1 ability. Her old shield was literally a turret itself anyway. Make it so it works like a shield until it reaches a wall, or the turret which is projecting the shield is destroyed in the air.

Teleporter and the shield gen can be made into 1 ability as well, so it provides a shield if you are close to it.

Its not really a rocket science to make Sym more viable.

Preach, baby.
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So Jayne is the new prophet now ?
When Jayne says something, it’s always a divine truth and everybody has to spread that holy point of view everywhere saying it’s the prophet that told that so it must be true ?
Ok Jayne is good and all, but think by yourself guys, don’t wait on a streamer/coach to tell you how you should think.

Are you aware of the fact that they completely changed the character and called it a ‘rework’? I’m totally okay with aiming but Sym got an entirely new kit and some of us were way too used to her playstyle. Of course some mains are mad about it.


Nevermind the first Sym. Which didn’t work well either but there was the promise of a non-healing support character.

Which never came to be of course, even Sym2.0 already shoved it into the ult.

It’s sad honestly. I really wish she was still a support.


Everyone else can be strong in their niche except heroes who aren’t strong and have no niche :woman_shrugging:t5:

It’s not that simple.


Thats not my focus tbh. It’s about how for whatever reason, symm is soooooo good until you actually are asked to use her and this last rework was like, a pure demonstration of how people who don’t play heroes have no idea what they are talking about about fot reworks. It happened with Mercy, it happened with Sombra, and it was 100% off for symm.

I like Jayne more than a lot of overwatch youtubers and streamers but he wasn’t excluded from the symm 3.0 hype apparently. But he is on of the only ones I’ve seen to go back on it. Thats kind of a big deal imo.
She isn’t buffed now because in coordinated teams she would be op… Except she still isn’t good in coordinated teams :joy: it’s a sign that she just might be…idk… Bad. And that symm players weren’t wrong.


Can you add a link to where the Devs said they’d be looking into it or is this sensationalism

I love her and I think she’s fine (apart from that stupid teleporter delay). Even her primary is now more fun for me personally. I played both versions for quite some time.