Jayne just called out Teleporter for being bad

He just said when fusion picked Sym that Symmetra’s teleporter will just get focused down and then your team will be split in half and that it takes too long to be useful. Far too risky and your losing out on DMG from running a Sym…

He not wrong. Blizzard has been waiting for owl to show us how Sym is supposed to be used apparently… Like maybe a team of this skill degree will utilize teleporter.

The Problem with this is it also goes both ways and the enemy team will just destroy Syms tp before it’s even used… She’s so bad I just can’t get that after 8 months since her rework they think people are just going to now realize Syms potential.

Buff TP so that’s it’s actually viable utility so that Lucio’s amp has something to actually contend with …


It takes too long to deploy. Also why is it so limited by range? Let her use it at like 2x the distance. It’s a frigging teleporter, but the range is only 25m? It should be like 40-50m (same for Reaper’s shadow step).

I still think her primary’s range is too short as well.


Watch the forum mouthpieces of streamers and “pros” now suddenly agree that she needs work.


I’ve always thought it was a bit clunky even at my level. Allow it to deploy as quickly as Mei’s wall does and just let people walk through it without having to press a button a la the old days.


Old Symmetra was better. Give her back that personal shield to block Pharah ults and other incoming yuckies. Her teleporter is so weak that she basically only deploys it for decoys or all-out gold smashing. Bring back the +6 resurrection teleporter instead.


And now i remember the videos where he was testing out the new TP and he was so excited… yeah



To be fair, the teleporter opens up tons of new options for attacking/defending points. It’s still an amazing concept, but unless Symm is viable, those options for attack/defense are not really viable either.


At low levels people don’t know how to utilize it, at high levels it gets immediately wrecked.


god forbid someone changes idea.


I mean I won’t be surprised if she’s not used this season. Just disappointed.


If they not gonna buff her after that im uninstalling this crаp.


It’s clear that she needs some buffs. Her TP is just too slow and too buggy.

It needs an increased interact radius, it needs to deploy 0.5-1s faster, and it needs to NOT self-destruct under any circumstances.


why? she can’t be week for nearly 3 years.

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The old Tele was worse in practicality. The new Tele actually does give heroes with zero to little mobility to get to places they can’t without any outside help. The old Tele was nothing more than a poor man’s Rez when in reality, why have a character with an ult like that when we have Mercy to bring back 1 teammate to help swing the fight back?

Also, old Tele basically does NOTHING to help the BOSS comp to contest GOATS in any capacity and you want to take Orisa and Bastion’s only means of evading GOATS just to have Sym 2.0 Teleporter?


It was a tempo rez before tempo rez was a thing. It wasn’t bad in practicality. It was unreliable in mechanic. And they never tried to address it.

Symm was basically punished for being good and getting it quickly because she had no way to control it. It was dependent on her team using it effectively . She also couldn’t move, recharge or do anything the entirety of it being up. In which case, all that time everyone re earned their ults, she wasn’t. That’s not practicality. That’s mechanic. How they implement tp isn’t dictative of its use.
This hasnt changed with new tp.
It’s still dependent on her team, and it’s even more vulnerable than before and it’s even less consistent with placements.

Tp has never been bad in either case in practicality. It’s bad in implementation of the mechanic itself.


The thing is that its not the most effective way to use teleporter for Symmetra herself.

It gives utility that no one else has. It’s just bogged down by not much synergy with that utility. It would be like Lucio speed boost only boosting arial flight speed, pharah sucks so no one would use Lucio.


Would be cool if the teleporter also had a small bubble shield around it of 200-250hp (on both ends)

Would make Sym more of a tanky DPS like she’s probably supposed to be. Plus it makes up for her old photon barriers.


Worse is that people have already been asking for said buffs to tp for months but oh when a pro suddenly says it, its like no one has said that before.

Players: Sym’s tp feels a bit UP, I think it needs some buffs like making it deploy faster.
Pros: Syms tp is UP
Devs: We will look into it.


It has the range it does because, as it is, you can’t use it set it up and use it to move much faster than you could just walk somewhere (provided it’s at the same elevation and unobstructed). If you could do it from 40 or 50 instead of 25, it’d be a must for contesting points and getting people back quickly during overtime and such. It’d also open up way too many angles without any practical counterplay if you’re not immediately in a position to shoot the TP.