Jayne just called out Teleporter for being bad

This 100%. It has been 8 months, if the new sym, the old sym players and pro teams haven’t tapped into her alleged potential yet, then maybe there isn’t much to tap into to begin with. Maybe, just maybe it was a FAILURE


I mean… It just flat was. For those reasons plus the fact that she dropped even from her supposed niche.

Symm dropped in pick and winrate and didn’t increase anywhere ans now has no area of being strong.
So she lost the people who loved her old kit.
Didn’t gain new players equal to what she lost
Her older players can’t use her as effectively
And her newer players aren’t either
Plus she doesn’t fit with any new because she doesn’t Excel literally anywhere.

Nothing good came from it besides some people stopping from beinf toxic to symm for a lack of aim… Which still isn’t fully gone. Just lessened.
So… A 10% toxicity decrease is the only benefit to come from the changes


I mean, they said “some”
And I agree. Cool that you think she’s fine. Would you say she’s flat good? Or Op? Because I’ve had quite a few discussions here that somehow ended with people saying symm is actually Op and needs to be nerfed. In those cases, I can’t help but feel they just don’t like her.

Heh. What a joke. We’re all just bunch of baddies who don’t know how to play symm after 8 months right?

Surely it can’t be because she does such garbage dps zenyatta does more, she has no burst, she has horrible time securing kills, turrets are slow and unreliable and die to one aoe swipe, tp is slow and unreliable and gimmick, her wall can be completely ignored by walking past it, she still has no survivability to speak of, she counters nobody but has plethora of hardcounters…

It’s just symm players being noobs as usual.


No. Just fine. I’d also consider removing/reducing the teleporter delay a buff, therefore I think she is slightly underpowered. Not to the extend people make it out to be. In my opinion her “utter uselessness” exists only in peoples mind.

I think she’s just as undertuned as any previous iteration of her. Shes just as fine as before in terms of power, which means she’s worse in terms of practicality since the people who likes her before aren’t happy, and the new people who came in don’t equate to her old numbers and aren’t as good with her over all.
That’s flat bad.

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I’m glad you like her - seriously! That’s great. I personally find her more fun in her current iteration than previously, but I know that others can have differing opinions. And due to how drastically she was changed, I’m always cautious not to invalidate anyone’s frustration when playing her. :slight_smile:

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Worthy saying that after the Sym3 rework, we got:

  • Wrecking Ball. He is used in pro teams.
  • Ashe. She is used in pro teams.
  • Torb 2.0. His pickrate raised a fair bit on ladder since then (still rarely used in pro matches).
  • Ana got a buff on Nano, and became meta again
  • McCree got a buff on Fan the Hammer and while not meta on pro tier (Ashe got his niche), has seen a revival on his pickrate on ladder.

Every single one of those heroes didn’t required not even a month to have their buffs and strengths recognized by the community. And we have history to show us that Junkrat, Hanzo and Mercy turned into meta picks the moment they received their buffs.


I mean one of the biggest reasons her potential lay untapped was because she was being held back by her poor tickrate and only started getting used in the BOS comp after that was fixed/adjusted

things that would be nice changes for her would be turret reset when she ULTs, let her hold a charged orb. Let it travel faster. Honestly, I would prefer her slow piercing orbs over this.

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What do you even mean? «they hate anything that changes the character at all» … she was literally completely deleted but alright. And for the record her primary fire change was the change I cared the least about - it was the least used part of her kit in GM/T500 anyway.

They got rid of her unique «secret agent» playstyle she had on attack where she’d sneak around and set up turrets before teleporting her whole team behind the enemy. She’s much more like a generic DPS now.

I never started playing her for the sole purpose of doing damage but instead to support the team in non-healing ways. You could say I can still do that with TP… but people won’t even press F to get out of grav even if you tell them to. Old Sym didn’t rely on her team to actually let her support them… with the exception of certain attack points where people completely ignored the TP that’s in spawn with them.


The thing is she is garbage at the moment and can be only used in a high niche task and even there would be other options and that’s a problem.

Everything in her kit take for some reason a lot of time with no real benefit. Her ultimate dosen’t have dat much synergy with her kit and the value depends completely how well your team is using it meanwhile like 90% of the dps can just straight press q and making a teamwipe without having that much teamsupport.

She dosen’t even counter something but has a lot of counters.

At that point she is just like the internet explorer. It’s there in the OS but everyone use it just for one specific task: downloading an other browser because its way to slow.


Yep. A character with wind-up mechanics like she has needs either:

-HUGE payoff

-HUGE survivability

…She has neither. She just has “okay” payoff by dealing as much damage as other DPS heroes deal after a windup at close range. Amazing.

Yep. She is never called upon on a team. A team never says “can we get a Sym?” because she isn’t strong against anything. She’s also countered quite hard by almost every other DPS hero.

Sad but true.


Won’t load at all. …

Works for me. :man_shrugging:

I understand they designed her to be a teleporter bot who teleports rein behind so he can ult and things like that. But that’s not how it works in game, it takes way too much effort and communication to do such strat and %80 of the time it fails.

But then again what do I know? I’m just a Sym main who has 500 hours on her and I still haven’t figured out how to play her properly like the devs say.


Direct embed to help.


Where did GOATS come into play here? How did you take this from a conversation about Symmetra’s old kit to a jive about not being able to counter a piss-poor meta comp?

In the time tit takes for you to set up a teleporter at max range, you may as well have just walked there


Or by the time youre in grav, you set up a teleporter, youre dead.

I swear Ive had games where I could have saved my teammates had my tp been deployed faster.


Deployed and teammate functional.

I STILL have people tell me they don’t have the interact key bound…

And that’s my fault for choosing symm and not theirs for not having it bound literally anywhere they choose. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

And having only half the team pass before the other half died…or it being destroyed before everyone can interact…
Issa mess

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