Jayne just called out Teleporter for being bad

Knowing Blizz. They will take an eternity to acknowledge and fix anything…


I have time and this is still going sooo: 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19)

Not only that.

She also was able to earn ult charge while her TP was deployed, so even if you seek and destroy it, she would probably just set a new one immediately after. Teleporter also used to hold 10 charges, then nerfed to 6 charges (which came to live).

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So you can’t teleport your GOATS comp directly in front of the enemy. Boo hoo. Deploy it somewhere it won’t get destroyed. Even put it directly behind the enemy, and watch them either fail to deal with it, or turn their backs on you to deal with it. Seems like a win-win situation to me. The teleporter is what it is; getting sore because your ineffective strat doesn’t work doesn’t constitute a real complaint.

Pro players don’t really care about balance. They just adjust to use whatever is strongest.

I think the teleporter should just be permenant. Would get more use as a tool to hold high round

“He just said when fusion picked Sym that Symmetra’s teleporter will just get focused down and then your team will be split in half and that it takes too long to be useful”

really bro?

Ugh, dont get me started. Its worse when its put into an actual game. I doubt they tested it when it came to an actual game.

Enemy Zarya gravs
Sym: No worries guys, I got th-
Teleporter takes 2s to set up
Sym’s team dies.

Its been here for almost half a year, its still UP and people have brought up their concern but oh no, when a pro says it, its like no one else had the same idea.


This part is false. Sombra is proof of that.

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Source please? I’d like to see what he actually said.

Cuz… if he said that he guessed that a certain Symmetra teleporter would not be of benefit for a certain team against another certain team on a certain map in a certain match… that is a lot different than saying that Teleporter is bad overall.

And also if that was the case, I’d like to know which team won the match.

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I think that button press is fine, just speed up the deployment time. it was advertised as a way to escape grav. by the time it’s up Grav’s almost done and you’re probably dead.

For pro gameplay.

That’s an important distinction. Symmetra can be quite strong in unorganized play because she’s fairly self-reliant, half her health pool recovers, she is difficult to flank by a squishy since she can protect herself with turrets, has a long range shot, can drain shields and importantly, she can position herself really well.

She’s strongest in a team of 2-3 in otherwise unorganized play though, granted.

Yeah people have been saying that for a while. Slow to deploy, short range and can lead to a split team. In a way, the slow to deploy nature is like the wraith step problem on reaper - the promise of added mobility but no delivery on that promise.

Edit: And many people don’t have a use key bound by default so they can’t even use it until they get around to binding one later.

Lol. You don’t pick Sym by only considering damage; you pick her for multiple reasons.

Jayne is right about it being far too risky to use. Teleport needs further range by 5-15m and a zoom out for bird’s eye view like Meteor Strike offers to enable precise placement. It’s far too easy to fall off of a ledge by teleporting while moving

I just spit out my coffee laughing. A person that has NEVER once played Sym 3.0


She needs a damn pocket healer to get anything done nowadays, unless the enemy team really has no awareness at all.

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That was true for Sym2. Sym3 is as team reliant as Sombra. Maybe more.

She needs a mercy pocket and a barrier tank even. Even Sombra is less team dependent than Sym 3.0 cuz at least she has translocator for when she gets into trouble

Sym 2.0 was very self reliant. Not only did she have defensive ways but once she set up her nest in some tight flank route, she became dangerous to deal with for the enemy team unless they came at her at once. 1 vs 1 against her was your loss, now she can’t even handle baby D.Va if her beam isn’t charged up prematurely.

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Against a thin target like that, I throw a random turret for the slow and try to land an orb. Not worthy trying to beam them down, unless your beam is already charged from a previous target you killed. Even then, going for the turret lock is probably the best option.

I miss being able to peel for my backline while spamming orbs to help the frontline. Sym3 don’t have any peeling tool, and her new turrets, despite the increased HP, cover less area, thus making flankers less worried about invading her nest.