Jayne just called out Teleporter for being bad

this is about her TP, why you so fixated on her old lock-on


Oh someone from OWL spoke out about symmetra

Finally blizzard will do something, thats pretty much the only way to get through to blizzard


Because everyone’s complaining that they scream for ages and nothing happens, but a pro says something and they expect a change asap.

It’s because the average sym main has no idea wtf would actually make the character better, and the old lock-on is the perfect demonstration of just how.

Yea, pros focus it down. Not regular mortals. I’ve never played a game where my team immediately located and focused an intelligently placed tp

I think Sym will have <1% usage in OWL (maybe even <0,1% or nothing at all) and once OWL is over she will get a new rework. I think it will go live around August. Probably some 2.0, some 3.0 and a new primary fire.


It totally worked when he asked the other devs to hold fire while he put down the teleporter, waited for it to spawn, told his teammates to use it…

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I think all the suggestions that have been put forward RE: faster TP/ shields are pretty decent suggestions to help her survivability. What would you suggest?

never going to happen. She’ll only get number buffs now.

“But symmetra will become too powerful for the low ranks” People will say if arguments for symm buffs are presented.

Didn’t stop em from buffing reaper. =)


Yeah, only the most deluded fans still think Blizz is listening to the overall playerbase.

I know people are tired of hearing about hearing apex legends, but wraith’s setup is way better. She has the survivability to set it up and it’s a lot smoother.

A lot of times teleporters are not just a liability to the team but the symmetra herself. I think being instant would really benefit her, or at least give her temporary shields that deplete once the teleporter is totally set up.

Symm needs a bunch of QOL buffs to multiple aspects of her kit, but teleport needs some love ASAP.


Sometimes I wonder how we could make Sym1 works in the current game.

First step would be making Photon Barrier an ability similar to Brigitte’s Repair Pack, where you give the target a little healing, and teammates near the target (target included) ~50 decaying shield (think Doomfist). Adjust cooldown and values as needed.

Turrets get back to manual placement (with increased range over before) and six stash, but deal no damage (or token damage, like Ana’s dart), but slow and reveal targets through walls. If three turrets hit the same target, all mobility abilities gets locked, as if you were in a graviton, until you are no longer hit by three turrets (ie, turn around and break a few).

Teleporter combines with Shield Generator, so while it’s up, you can return from spawn, and also give teammates in range some extra permanent HP. Maybe not 75 because Photon Shield would heal and give temporary HP for teammates.

Lock-on beam gets the same range as Sym 2.0. Work exactly as before.

Orb speed is proportional to its charge, and only pierce after being at least 50% charged.

I understand the devs being careful with Symmetra because in beta she was stupidly strong.

It’s still no excuse to hamstring her on purpose on a rework that was supposed to make her more of a DPS and less of a support. Currently she don’t fit the utility DPS slot as well as Mei or Sombra, and lacks the damage to fit at close range DPS or projectile DPS spot.


Granted, her OPness only really came from synergies with other heroes and flawed game design.

Having 2 Zens and 2 Genjis who could have perma non-LoS orbs and photon shield.

That’s not really a thing that could happen anymore.


no because jeff is a plat tank main and plat tank mains despise sym kappa
also good lord shield was so badly designed literally just hold e once and ur job was done.
oh. he died.
time to press e once again he comes back from spawn

Yeah she will need a higher TP range so she has more options to teleport to, the range really makes her predictable, hence why in higher level play she wont get successful TPs off.


Come on guys June is almost there.
What do you not know what happens in June?
Its the Symmetra rework event.


XD more content than during other events, am I right?

because reaper attracts the edgy 12 years old