I've been gone for a few months, get me up to speed

1.) Has overwatch been improved?

2.) Can the tanks tank? If not, are they still buffing tank’s damage while nerfing their ability to tank?

3.) Is Hanzo still the boogyman of the forum? If not Hanzo, is McCree?

4.) Any news on Overwatch 2?

We apparently hate Ball.

that’s all I’m getting.

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Nothing has changed much except for Hanzo and Cassidy got buff

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah, it sounds like Overwatch is still mainly an FPS. Maybe its time to disappear for a few more months.


To be honest with this patch I may go on a hiatus because it’s just not worth the effort anymore with only the heroes that been meta forever getting buff changes

no, they’re going all out for fat DPS
Content creator meeting with devs but we know nothing about it

You last posted on the 29th of December :thinking:

  1. Objectively no, because the playerbase is dwindling

  2. No, tanks get bursted down extremely fast. Almost no one wants to queue tank.

  3. Hog, Ana, Hanzo, Cree, Bap

  4. It’s been delayed.

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You can easily see my posts have greatly slowed down, which indicates that I haven’t been on the forum much at all. Which also means I have huge gaps in my knowledge due to being gone.

Also don’t forget, that HLC is coming back soon.

Has it ever been?

Buffing rein dmg so yes.

Both are and both just got buffs :joy:


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The only thing that’s happened in recent memory is the twitter account randomly released a few one-time use, first come first serve 5-lootbox redeem codes

They buffed hanzo and MCcree for some reason

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Tanks imo, are fine, its the damage creep that makes it so bad

Boogyman changes per whoever is butthurt about whatever around these parts tbh


In reality, this is just a dying game, and dying company. Which sucks because I have so many hrs into this game, and been playing *****ard games since brood war expansion

The only change is it’s more toxic

No, and not really but a bit

It’s Cass for sure (and I think Ana still for some reason)

Looking forward to that 2042 release date