It's YOUR FAULT you can't climb! Stop making cheap excuses

I’m tired of the ppl posting…

"I cant climb cause my teammates are dumb, bad, throwing or onetricks"
First of all let me tell you, the chance of having one of the above on your team, is lower than on the enemy team. So while this does not make for the best gaming experience, there more of them there are, the more sr you get for free.
Avoid and report them even if they are on the enemy team and the chances of you getting sr for free and them getting banned shall increase.

"I make no mistakes and my teammates are just retarded and refuse to cooperate"
Its much muuuuch easier to see potential misplays of teammates than your own. I can guarantee you, on average, you make just as many bad mistakes as your average teammate! Have a really high sr player review your gameplay and they will tell you, if you really don’t see it yourself.
Focus on minimizing your own mistakes. Not your teammates…

"My teammates are never cooperating"
This one is a tough one. Getting 6 randoms in a game to cooperate perfectly especially in lower sr is nearly impossible. As many streamers and ytubers have proven. Setting a good example at the start of the game and making smart calls will dramatically improve the quality of your game.
Think about it, if someone is asking you which heroes you play and offing solutions in which you get a good team comp and get to play your main, you will be much more likely to work with your team, instead of when you have your genji onetrick telling the rest of the team how and which roles to play.

Here is something crazy a pro on janes coaching streams mentioned. He said that if everyone only filled on 3 heroes of a different category and only did so 30% of the time. We could have a good team comp every game we play…

At the end of the day though, you have to get better if you want to rank up!
As many have proven, your rank is no accident. If you play better than the average player on your team, you will climb! And if after 100games you see no change in your sr, its you.


Someone today posted in another thread about flexing being counter productive as you are measured against the average person playing that hero and mains/onetricks obviously get more experience and will do better on average than flex players.

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Luck is such a small factor in the long run.

Everyone who got to GM did it amidst throwers, leavers, smurfs and more. If you see a DPS one trick who ONLY plays one hero or even multiple DPS but still only DPS, think about this: they got to the same rank as you just taking the loss whenever they got 5 dps on the team or the team gave up or threw. And they’d be higher than you if they healed or tanked to fix the team comp. In other words, they’re probably a better player than you so it’s kind of ironic if you’re flaming them for being bad.


Thats complete bs.
This performance based sr is only active below diamond and has so little impact that I see it make ppl gain like 3 sr more or less.
When each game is 25sr default that’s nothing. In the end you gain more for wins than losses. I think you agree with me here. And being willing to fill a little here and there. You wins will go up dramatically.


I could climb if I bought another account but, purely because I placed gold when I first started the game wants to **** on all of the progress I’ve made and things I’ve learned, just to pull me back down there even though I was diamond for 3 seasons, and got to 3300. can’t pull past 2600 now and am currently 2450 even though I’m clearly better than the people in my rank, but gold is my mmr, I guess.

Also I don’t lock dps every game, I have confidence on my Zen and tank, but that doesn’t matter apparently, it’s still almost impossible to win.

I have gotten better, so why am I gold again?

I went 0-4 with Rein today and fell to gold.
I climbed to 3300 with Rein… How does that make any sense?

Maybe I just got lucky, I don’t know.


Among my many problems, I think that playing too few games in a season is a significant one. This season I’ve played 73 games, focused on a single self-sustain hero, and shot up from 812 SR at my low point to 1340 SR. Just wishing you were higher SR isn’t sufficient. It’s also unreasonable to expect to keep winning. If your PBSR is strong enough, you can technically climb with a 50% win rate. It’s much more realistic to climb with a 54% win rate, or if you’re improving a bunch, then maybe a 60% win rate is realistic.

Losing a competitive match is not evidence that the match maker is stacking games against you.


@Bird luckly what you just described applies perfectly to me. At the start of this season I didn’t play much and didn’t play better then the past season.

I ranked around 3k sr. Which I feel like was the correct rating for that time. I tbh was not much better than that.
I played a lot mid season and practiced for hours with some friends in 1vs1’s ect.
I played comp and boom on a 70% winrate I went to masters.

I didn’t play for 2 weeks and came back to drop to 3100 I played a little here and there like every 2nd day for 2h and now I’m 3400 again.

Nothing of this was the games or mmr’s fault! It’s just my personal performance and a bit of meta as I refuse to play meta heroes just cause they meta.

Your post looks exactly like this. Your performance varies. Meta changes. If you mained like 1-2 heroes and they go out of meta and the same time you played less or took it less seriously. Dropping even 1k sr seems plausible.

Also mmr adjusts with wins. Its not like it gives you gold and you can never climb.
When I joined I got ranked 2.2k never having played a fps before. I made my way to plat to diamond and master getting better. And back to diamond when getting worse.

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It’s the other way around. The SR of a flex player is more then likely with the heroes he’s average with while the one-trick is around the current highest personal skill ceiling.

I can’t climb because blizzard nerfed dva 6 times in a row with no compensation buffs.

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Yeah you’re right. It’s all my fault when someone:
Plays battle mercy
Jumps off ledges to die
Goes afk in spawn
They tell you they don’t care because they are on an alt account
People feeding
People playing heroes they are bad at
People being toxic
People screaming into voice chat (why I don’t play voice chat anymore)
People warming up
People that clearly don’t belong in this rank but still wanna play with their friends because apparently comp is the only option available to you with your friends


These posts are just as bad as the posts theyre made in response to. Its a team game that bases results off individual performance but negates that base by slapping +/- onto win/loss.

Sure its not always gonna be your teams fault but its not going to be your own all the time either. Sometimes the enemy is just flat out better than your team, sometimes its a derp squad.

Hero cheese kits are a big factor as well and in my own opinion its the #1 issue overall. Some heroes are very demoralizing to play against simply because they have a low skill floor but a high output. Getting domed by a skilled widow is annoying but not nearly as frustrsting as random Junkrat grenade spam or some BS Storm Arrow sprayed into the choke. Psychological drain can rob us all of our potential.


I agree, there are some really dumb hero designs in this game that makes them incredibly hard and frustrating to deal with. I’ve found myself running into the same cheese comp of Orisa, Mercy, Baptiste, Mei, Torb and Bastion every other game. It’s demoralising and makes the game unplayable.

Posts like yours completely miss the point. There’s nothing you can do about situations like these, but they aren’t holding you back in the long run. Not every game is like that, and if you think every game is, then you have the wrong mindset and are falling victim to confirmation bias.

I started low silver in season 4. Now I’m GM on this account and high master on my main account and have four more 3.3k+ accounts. You can git gud, but you need to accept that this stuff is not the problem; it’s your own personal skill.


You should probably track your competitive games in a spreadsheet like Basilisk’s Overwatch Performance Tracker and put in the notes when you encounter these things both on your team and the other team, and see how often it really happens.

Then, you’ll need to evaluate whether the problem is that you tilt at the slightest provocation when people on your team don’t do things the way you want.

If you assume it’s everyone else’s fault, you’ll find things to blame it on, and never determine whether you can get better.

If you assume that there’s something that you can do better, you’ll use methods such as vod review, requesting coaching, and you’ll probably find things that help.

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I agree on blizzard not knowing that a hero needs to also be fairly balanced. There needs to be a balance in required skill to value. Blizz sucks with that big time!

Regardless I mean you have 12 gamers in a game and 5 teammates. Whoever expects every game to be in their control completely regardless of playing in their skill rating (where their teammates and enemy are about equally as skilled as them). It just doesn’t make any sense.

They could make you feel more in control however by for example nerfing all ults. So plays can be made out of the game. And the winning factor is less off a press q better and farm q better.

I don’t think anyone makes this claim. I think the claim (which is fairly accurate) is that across a sufficiently large number of games, your contribution does matter, and it adds up to either SR increases, or SR decreases. Sufficiently large is probably 20-30 games? It might take 100 games in a season to have a really accurate SR.

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Some ppl here and in other threads seem to make that claim quite often.

I agree with you it should be a little faster (much faster would also be bad) to reach a sr representing your skill accurately once your mmr is set.
I think as long as your performance from past season stayed consistent after like 20games you have the same sr as past season.

At least that was the case for me always. Given meta didn’t majorly change and I didnt play better or worse.

Very clearly you. How openly toxic as hell and two faced can one get :thinking:

Need I quote more to prove my point?
You say look at yourself in one thread yet very clearly and openly blame everyone but yourself in another :thinking:

Also, private profiles are fine. Anyone who complains about them are obviously just upset they have less people to reliably scapegoat.

This is true. I used to flex a LOT and climbing took forever. Now that I’m only a DPS player my actual skill with each of my mains is so much higher, and I can win much more easily. That being said, a little flexibility is important as you can’t always play your preferred hero/role. Additionally, having been a flex player really helps me out here as I can swap around comfortably in niche situations that require heroes that I don’t play anymore. For the most part, 2 heroes in every role (maybe 3 in your main role as well) should suffice.

use your brain!
if these people can be on your team, they can be on your enemy team just as likely. which means these factors simply reduce to zero.

so no, those things dont hold you back in the long run, only in a certain specific game at a time. but if you tilt and stop grinding once you meet these people, of course you wont climb.

and the other option is that maybe your “best effort” is on the level of those throwers. thats a possibility, but ill give you the benefit of doubt and assume you are better than them.