It takes 8 months of grind to afford one legendary skin

The cosmetic prices were revealed in the Stylosa video. Each new legendary skin is 2000 coins or $20 real cash. So since the game has you cap out at 60 coins a week which is 240 a month. That will take players 2/3rds of an entire calendar year to unlock one cosmetic without reaching into their wallet.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I much preferred the loot box system where every 30 levels or so I’d get enough of free loot boxes containing those 50/150/500 coin drops to go into the shop and buy whatever new skin I wanted. And those levels flew by playing comp.

I hope the F2P defenders are happy with the new monetization system. For those of us that don’t like to spend more money on a video game cosmetic than a real t-shirt this game will get dull fast when there’s nothing to unlock. Without spending lots of real cash you are going to be limited to simply playing matches over and over again. The rest of the game is essentially not for you.


But thats the thing, that wasnt a sustainable model to keep overwatch going

I know you dont like it, but at the end of they day this will increase the longevity of overwatch imho


It’s going to drive away players who aren’t willing to throw money at it constantly. It will make more money because of whales that make up less than 10% of the playerbase. It’s not good for the rest of players.


That was to be expected, there is no “free” stuff in gaming nowadays, everything is paid for.
It’s crazy expensive if you want the cosmetics, prices are all over the place to never match the coin bundles you can buy.

Might be annyoing for the people who don’t dish out hundreds of $ but it will pay off for Blizzard in the end because whales will spend 5$ for a spray - that’s the reality.


Can’t say for Overwatch as it hasn’t started yet, but in rocket league I’m drowned with cosmetics (thousands of them, completely cluttered menus) and haven’t paid a single dollar in the past three years.

So yeah, maybe if I really really wanted a specific one that’s not on the battle pass I might need to spend cash, but lack of things to unlock? That’s unlikely in F2P games.


In accordance with the fiscal reports, it was. But it wasn’t enough. That’s the problem, Kotick wanted more, hence the changes and why the model is so predatory. Greed is one hell of a powerful drug.

If it wasn’t a sustainable model they would have shut down Overwatch years ago. ActivisionBlizzard doesn’t have a project going that doesn’t generate money at the end of the year. And they certainly wouldn’t invest more money in a project that they thought was dead


This is literally all it’s about. It’s why Kaplan left in the middle of development. He wanted OW2 to continue with the OW1 business model but Kotick saw what games like Fortnite was able to rake in and told him that wasn’t happening.


Yup the financial reports showed that they were totally fine with our old model. Sustainable but they needed more $$$. There are F2P games that don’t go to these lengths of changes and still make more than Overwatch.


So you support child gambling addicts? At least that’s what those EU academics made us all think from a meta-study… :clown_face:

“BuT THiNk AbOUt Da ChIlDrunz”


If a legendary is 20 then a mythic skin will be at least 30.


Indeed, and that has been Kotick since before ActivisionBlizzard. He’s been one heck of a greedy little Goblin that destroys everything he touches. He saw the popularity of WoW and decided he wanted a piece of that cake, so he bought Vivendi and destroyed Blizzard in the process. All in the name of money.


a reminder to ignore the (60 year old!) troll a few comments above. don’t get provoked into a response, don’t fall for the “so you’re afraid to debate me?” trap, don’t listen to someone who moralizes about alt accounts while having at least 7 :blush:

we’re all better than that (i hope)


The mythics are tier 80 of the BP so they will cost a lot more than that for people who can’t grind it. Tier skips are a gold mine for these companies.


it really wont. it will drive away the people who care about cosmetics but cant afford them. thats literally it. 90% of people wont care.


Yeah $20 is a bit much. I think I, like most people, will just stick with the Battle Pass. If they don’t sell well, it may make Blizzard reconsider the price of 1 legendary skin for 1 hero out of 35 heroes.

Just to do the math. If you were to buy 1 legendary skin for each character, you’d have to spend a whopping $700.

Definitely overpriced imo.

I still like the F2P choice. I just won’t buy skins outside of the battle pass.


Has nothing to do with affording them. It has to do with turning on your brain and realizing that spending that kind of money on cosmetics is nonsensical.


Have we had the first “why are you complaining that they want you to play the game, any regular player will unlock everything with standard play time” comment yet? Lmao.


I’m always shocked at how many people defend billion dollar corporations intentionally degrading their products to siphon more money out of their customers. The new model is no benefit to us as they nickel and dime us at every corner, and money spent just doesn’t even get much value. $60 used to be a full game, now it is just 3 skins.


LOL this is all speculation of the highest order - no one knows (yet) why Jeff left - conveniently about 1 month or so before the investigation into Blizzard for sexual harrassment was revealed. He was over WoW when a lot of that went on; I think he didn’t partake but he conveniently looked the other way. Couple that with the mismanagement of Overwatch and the incoming acquisition with MS, I believe he was politely told it would be best if he left. But all is speculation.

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Elden Ring or 3 OW skins. It should be a no brainer to most people, but players are being brainwashed by the F2P model.

F2P games are essentially a donation plate for companies that are already rich.