Is Sym 3.0 better than Sym 2.0?

Now, I’ll be completely honest, I never really played Sym when she was a support so I can’t talk from personal experience, but I know people who did play her before who seemed to prefer her before her rework. And Sym 2.0 was awesome; having seen gameplay from people like Hoshizora, I know how powerful Sym 2.0 could be in the right hands. Opinions? BTW, this isn’t trying to get a revert or anything, just my own curiosity as to how people feel having only picked up Sym recently.

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Both are terrible because they lack 1 major component Survivability.

2.0 had the added advantage of a shield but it was on a 10s cd. Which is terrible for a defense ability.

Her Teleporter in 3.0 has a 2s cast which again is not a mobility tool because it has not only too many delays too many inconsistencies.

So she lacks health, survivability, and mobility for a short range hero.

Finally she has no crit potential with a slow ramp up damage to top it all off.

Developers need to turn her Beam into a Whip. That applies flat damage in a meele fashion instead of tick based.

Also allow her to use the whip to grab ledges and launch her self in the air.

Then she will be able to manage in the battlefield and be picked quite likely far more often.


Short answer yes she is

I preferred having a moving barrier and shield piercing orbs :man_shrugging:


There are pros and cons but overall I’d say 3.0 is a bit stronger.

She still needs a push in one of three directions to make her good imo. Basically:

Drastically improve survivability

Drastically improve damage consistency

Drastically improve team support utility

It varies person to person.

Honestly the Teleporter needs be reworked and Proton Barrier needs to be added without removing anything.

Not really. If you like 3.0 it’s generally a playstyle preference and social preference. But 3.0 and 2.0 are pretty much equal in power and suffer from many of the same problems.
She just moved her power from holding space, to taking space.

I’m in favor of dropping her team utility of to and letting her tp only herself to turrets. Her arm animates to pixelate her body, and she fades & reappears to the turret in line for tp

Make . Symm. FLY :drooling_face::drooling_face:

I’d say the main reason lots of Sym 2.0 mains are salty is because she’s way harder to solo-carry with. She’s extremely team-dependent, but that’s a good thing. With the dependency comes extreme skill-ceilings. Just think about her with Bastion. She can mitigate his only weakness (no mobility when in sentry). However to get to that point she needs to be very good with her team. TL;DR yes she’s way better, but in a different way.

In terms of which is stronger, that’s mainly a question of skill level. Symm2 had very little player input, and as a result was overpowered in low ranks but underpowered in high ranks. Symm3 curves upward a little better. Symm2 was also almost entirely restricted to defense and very weak on offense, while Symm3’s power level is more balanced among different situations.

In terms of which is more fun, that’s a question of playstyle that will differ from person to person. I prefer Symm3 myself, although I do sometimes miss the old floaty barrier.

In terms of which one is better for the game as a whole, Symm3 by a long shot. She has a more flexible role, is much less restricted by skill boundaries, no longer has her strongest effects (ultimates) applied for simply existing, and allows for a much wider variety of personal playstyles.