Is Moira a trans or non-binary?

I want to apologize for stereotyping that “oh you have male traits so you are trans”, I now that was wrong but at the same time, in this case, this question shouldn’t hurt so much the community, it’s a doubt that I have and I just wanted to ask. If you are getting annoyed about being or not being a trans or androgynous or non binary character well that’s not my problems, it’s your problem with the world


What about genetical mistakes? It’s obviously not intended. Just like people are born with downs syndrome etc. We’re not gonna create a subspecie for humans if a few people are born with 3 arms.

Why would I? There are cultures where it’s okay to beat women and where they don’t have rights. Doesn’t mean that’s ok or normal. There are also people who say there are “billions of genders”. Am I supposed to believe that because some do?

You must’ve not been around here during her release because I can assure you there were plenty of threads complaining that Moira is ugly and that’s she’s trans/looks like a man.

It’s ok to make mistakes (my dude)

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Torn because I want her or a character at least to be trans to watch the het outrage but I’m totally fine with androgynous female representation at the same time

1 Like heres another article showing that gender is more compliacted.

how is being trans comparable to beating woman. how does someone being trans hurt you.

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She’s clearly a dude, all fine with me…

Hey that’s fine, I think everybody can see you were not trying to do any harm at all. I hope my post on Moira didn’t make it seem like I was accusing you or anything.

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well just because someones trans doesn’t mean there ugly. and i know plenty of lesbians and trans people who find moira attractive.

How do I know they don’t care and get annoyed at this stuff?

Well, this thread is a pretty good indication, and the fact that others like it suffer similar fates are a pretty good clue. And I already explained why people are so against it–because threads like these by nature are asking people to adopt a stance when most folks really couldn’t care less.

I love that skin soooooo much

I mean straight, gay, bi, trans, trap, helicopter, big green dinosaur it makes no difference to me. Couldn’t care less if a character was gay or trans as long as it’s not over exaggerated-in your face kind of thing.

I care more about a characters playstyle and personality than their looks or sexual/gender orientation.

Well you demanded I provide an argument on a topic just because it’s okay in a different culture.

How does Moira not being trans hurt you?


The Thread doesn’t say “MOIRA HAS TO BE TRANSSSS” the tread is asking “is moira trans” its a simple question. its not forcing any one to agree with it

Generally, doctors and families tell the child that when they’re older, they can pick which one they want. Most of the time, it’s not decided for them.

Because it doesn’t matter. Did you know that some eastern cultures are just now having their industrial revolution? Something America had in the 1800s? Did you know that up until 100 years ago, other eastern countries still used the Feudal system? Like Samurais?

Comparing cultures doesn’t do anything to strengthen your argument.

Except it’s proven. Bill Nye even said it. Gender is determined by 1 thing. What chromosomes you have. If you have XY, you’re a Male. If you have XX, you’re a female. It’s not difficult. It’s basic biology as well.

I ignored it because it literally says

Doctors can no longer definitively look at the p**** or v***** of a new baby and congratulate the birthing mother with a cheerful “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl.”

Why are we using social constructs of gender that people made up because they didn’t feel right to determine the happiness of new parents? Why are we taking something that not everyone agrees with and shoving it on everyone’s everyday life? Why. does. it. matter?

Also, when they reference “mosaicism” they’re not being very clear. You do know that males also have cells with 2 X chromosomes right? But they don’t work because the dominant Y chromosome exists in 51% of the cells.

It’s basic biology my dude. It’s easily found and disproven everything this article is and stands for.


20 characters.

Filler text y blizz

Why are you so against a character being trans in a video game. is it gonna kill you? are you gonna die if they put a single trans character in a videogame

Yeah people aren’t agreeing with it, and look at the response :roll_eyes: Because when it’s asking people to take a stance, it’s really asking people to support the idea, or you’re characterized as a terrible person. And most people don’t really care, but when they say “I don’t really think it matters” and some bozo comes along and starts slinging mud, yeah, that’s a problem. That’s toxic, and that’s why we don’t need these threads. We already have enough toxicity in this game

Except that these were ancient Indians. They were very spiritual people. “Two-Spirits” is a direct translation. It. means. two. spirits. Not 2 genders in 1 body.

Seriously. It’s like culture just flies over your heads.