If this "top super secret" stuff you have been working on is owl or mobile related


Probably just shrug it off.

I enjoy the game as it is. Even if they add something that doesn’t effect the actual gameplay, then I’ll still enjoy the game since nothing has changed for me to think otherwise.


I’ve got an MSI gaming laptop and it’s dope.

500gb of memory and a really nice graphics card. Plus it’s light to carry around and good for doing work on


Because they wanna.


Oh, my bad; thought Nazgrul was the OP. He was who I was referring to.





The super secret reveal is Summer Games 2019, with a few new skins and the same buggy Lucioball. Expect nothing while Activision and its overpaid CEO bleed Blizzard like a parasite.


I’ll do nothing and just sit back and watch them destroying this game (and bring down blizz stocks more) with their ignorance.
Already got other game to fill my time in two weeks.

It’s a good thing i didn’t bought that mouse last year. The Logitech G300s that i got is already good enough.

I’m calling pharah to be the next gay hero!

Agreed, so i can play anthem on pc and when i am not at home i can play mobile overwatch to pass time.

The news said the guys that was working on destiny with bungie are the likely candidates to be layed off.
Personally, i just wish one specific person is replaced, but i won’t name them here lols.

I recommend the guys who wants to buy gaming laptops to go for asus rog strix. Good price with great performance, and its not too hot when gaming.

Because blizz needs to retain its current players, or there will be next stocks drop down and layoffs.

Or maybe they could collaborate with other franchises (just like what namco did with soulcalibur), and put the characters on overwatch. That could spice up things.

Whats that? A military grade laptop?


i dont use any of those and find them a waste of time.
i dont think im gonna care about this new thing then


that’s your first mistake


Im just wondering, why do so many people have a huge problem with mobile games? Im not into them myself but I dont understand why people get their knickers in such a twist about it. Can someone explain please?


OWL is likely.

Mobile is extremely unlikely. Blizzard didn’t even release this game for Mac (which they are one of the few developers who has been) for this because of new rendering tech.


I’m really hoping for some kind of ‘account upgrade’ similar to an expansion pack.
Make the default Quick Play & Arcade as Free to Play (with 2-2-2 role queue with xp bonuses for needed roles like tank).
Maybe add an unranked comp mode. Possibly even allow Comp for F2P accounts with a verified mobile number.
Then keep the new mode (PVE?) behind a paywall which is of reasonable price… I really doubt it will be anything like that, but I can dream.


The same as always…

Log in for 3 games, become bored, and quit until tomorrow.


I read somewhere that they are developing mobile games for all their IP not sure on HS though, I think WoW had a pokemon go type thing.


A military grade laptop would have 512mb of memory, weigh 35lbs, and be powered by a hand-crank but be totally indestructible. And of course cost 8 billion dollars for R&D.


Oh come on, we all know we want a mobile game for payload racing.

Just like the old Lego Racers,but every time you pick up an item in the middle of the race, it charges u 5 dollar and gives u a random power up between common and legendary.

Oh and a separate League for it as well. Dont you guys have Phones?


And now, OWL can be watched on phones!
oh wait … thats not it. But i was waiting for the “DoNT yOu GuYs HavE pHoNeS ?” comment. Thanks for that :smiley:


Battle Royale surely.


Wasnt that the paris map when jeff said something about secret stuff few months ago ?



If it is college, depending on the field, getting a laptop may be the better options. This is especially the case if you are in any tech fields, because there are cases where you get screwed over if their labs are not working and the lame a** only accepts submissions online during class period only.

The PC labs are the same PC where student bring in their external hard drive learning to install OS, do their PC stuff like networking and security. Believe me when I say this, they will mess up and screw up the local drive instead, causing it to go out of commission.

Let’s not forget how slow the PC labs are. You literally want to bang your head.