If this "top super secret" stuff you have been working on is owl or mobile related


I think the 99% people, even the most blind fanboy never trusted even for 1 second that fake announce. Super secret stuff? Come on man, that’s just sad.


How does Blizzard make money off of Overwatch after the initial sale? It isn’t in cosmetic loot boxes I’ll tell you that.


WoW forums are ten times better my man. More sexy gnomes, fewer hyper restricting rules.


Generally they do want to play it again which is why they keep on discussing.

They want the game to improve so they can actually enjoy playing it.


For students or workers that use a PC, doubling it up as a gaming laptop is a good choice.

But unless it has a practical use you can get the best gaming laptop and it will only perform around 70-80% as well as a PC for double the price.

Mostly because they hard thermal throttle after a bit of play, due to the cramped nature of parts and often underwhelming cooling from blower style fans.



Zero interest means 100% interest. No means yes.


Unfortunately, it’ll be a business decision based upon ROI and the like vs resources towards better revenue-generating franchises. Since OWL is here, I think OW will probably get a season-long “get out of jail” card for now. Hopefully, the viewership and interest is large enough to warrant Activision-Blizzard staying with OW/OWL, shifting more resources into that bucket, and helping remedy some of the long-awaited changes it needs to make to stay viable. News will be out tomorrow about where the jobs-ax will fall.


I don’t get this mentality. You think you could just throw almost 3 years of playing a game away? No. You keep discussing it, giving feedback and criticism because you want to like it again and of course some part of you is still passionate about it.

Stop acting like when you stop playing a game, you lose all connections to any part of it.


I’ll just be disappointed. I’m hopeful that the “secret” projects they are working on are really for the game as a whole and not some mobile game or more OWL.


If they did that, I would get very angry, make a forum post complaining about it, then continue to play the game normally.


I wouldn’t even be suprised at this point. I’d be sad though because I think overwatch has a lot of wasted potential


I’m not acting. When I stop playing, I stop bothering because the last thing I want to do is clutter the forums if I can’t add anything effective. It’s part of the decision I suppose.

I apologize if what I’ve been wondering is coming across as I am forcing someone to do what I do. This is not my intention and something I’m personally against given the posts today telling people not to watch OWL. But Rantaro, to come halfway, realize your detailed opinion is yours but not necessarily someone else’s, or mine, when it comes to the reasoning why someone continues to post.

[I’ve had my lesson for today: I should not have asked why someone posts after they’ve stopped playing the game and states they have no interest in playing again. Let be.]


That is also assuming you can’t add anything effective because you stopped playing. I see OP around here a lot and their posts are usually very fair and constructive.


Although I wasn’t replying to the OP, fair enough.


I am placing my money on that. Maybe another OWL featured that will later be forced into the game like the viewer or the ““color blind”” mode.


[Russian accent] “Is that all?”

God, I hope it’s more than that.


People are still banking on this top secret stuff?

This game is toast.


Nothing can really change my opinion of Blizzard/Activision currently, since their lack of communication is about the least excusable thing I have ever seen since the announcement of diablo on mobile. Yikes.

But I try and keep my opinions to myself and my discussions civil on this forums so I don’t get a vacation.

But to be honest if they did announce that it won’t surprise me or shock me in any way, and I will continue on as if nothing happened.


My biggest surprise since 3 years ago when the game first came out, is how underutilized the OW franchise really is.

They really blew it with this game.



This game had so much potential that they flushed away forever.

All they had to do was fine tune the experience and bring the content. Where is the map editor, clan support, more maps, more competitive modes, more heroes, etc.

Instead they focused on pushing this rather casual game into the esports scene where it is doomed to fail.

In a few years this game will be in the exact same place as sc2 and hots.