If this "top super secret" stuff you have been working on is owl or mobile related


I will open my laptop and hit the uninstall button so hard I will probably have to buy a new mouse when I’m done. :clap::triumph:

If the stuff they are working on does turn out to be either a mobile game or something OWL related that won’t affect the actual game what will you guys do.


Why were you playing on a laptop to begin with?


i wouldn’t care at all tbh. I still love OW


I got a gaming laptop when I started college. I thought bring an actual PC would be a bit much.


Dunno. Can’t play less than none.

I’d probably hug the forums and dust off my Schadenfreude receptor.


Id think even less of blizzard than what i do now


make sure to buy an overwatch razer mause then, to show them that you broken your other one :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be sure to buy one lmao


new secret feature:

Premium Lootboxes! Double the cost for double the chance of a legendary!

I jest, but I wouldn’t be surprised at this point


Everyone thinks the top secret stuff is going to be something massive that will blow everyone’s minds.

It’s probably going to be cool, but not what everyone is expecting tbh.
Keep your expectations low.


Yeah, the Ana event kinda set the tone for them. I was like “hey neat, that’s not really going to make me want to play any more than I do”


Gaming laptops are lit, mine is just one tier below my Dad’s pc, and its top of the market. Plus my laptop does that while being 3 years old.


It’s a social feature.

We had endorsements.
Then LFG.
And then we were going to get the third thing that was supposed to come out in the summer of 2018 but got delayed.


I’m hoping that whatever is soooooooo secret is more lore.

~ PyroPanda


actually overwatch mobile is probably the BEST thing they could do. 99% of overwatch WANTS a mobile game.


I’m guessing it’s Uprising/Retribution related.

Or just a ton of maps.

Also RoleQ plz.
✅ [Role Select] Finalizing this concept




It may be that there’s radio silence because internally Activision/Blizzard is going to go through restructuring – layoffs are supposedly being announced tomorrow.


It wont matter. Its too little, too late.

Im already moved over to Apex. I have 0 desire to ever play Overwatch again.

Overwatch is a hot mess when it comes to hero balance and its not fun.

Apex is amazing and balanced and it actually feels like I get to play a video game instead of playing “try to not get one shot” all the time or who pressed Q better.

RIP Overwatch.

Apex 10/10


But you’re still here.