If this "top super secret" stuff you have been working on is owl or mobile related


i won’t do anything…the game is already uninstalled lmao :joy: , i guess i’ll play other games


Don’t you guys have phones???


i’m already afraid the top secret stuff will be announced or released at the OWL opening… and it will be OWL related…


Yo…that better not be it. That would suck so hard fam.


I refuse to believe that’s what it is, because if it is, I think I might just give up hope for this game, and that’s not something I want…


Ehhhh, college students who have to travel a lot and still want the ability to play games at good quality.

Like me. Got a cheap gaming laptop for $750.


Top secret stuff is related to the hard situations they go through lol.
Budget , layoffs etc.


Then, please, stop spreading negativity over the forums. Focus on your new game, and spread positivity on their forums.

I hope you keep feeling this level of fun on Apex as long as possible.


Expectation leads to disappointment. If you don’t expect something big huge and exciting … usually … I dunno … I just … yeah.


Having an opinion? Yeah right


The “Top super secret” was Paris map.
Nothing else.