If this "top super secret" stuff you have been working on is owl or mobile related


My last laptop was more powerful than 99% of the PC’s used on steam at the time, why wouldnt he. Lap tops can have desktop gpu’s in them.


I wouldn’t mind if it was something OWL related. I like Overwatch, but I hate playing the game, so I enjoy watching OWL. At this point, I’ve completely and totally lost faith in this game ever being fun to play again, so it’s hard for me to get excited for new game related content.


Why do people assume that just because you dont want to play a certain video game that you can’t be part of discussions about said video game.


A mobile ow game sounds awful. Just like the Paladins mobile game is garbage.


They’re not that stupid to repeat the same mistake and burn their PC core audience again. R-right guys? :sweat:


sounds like you already have a foot out the door, why would they try and please you?


I mean, my expectations are already rock bottom so I wouldn’t have much reaction either way. Like, I’ll believe its actually something significant when I see it but until then, I have no faith in anything they say anyway.

Personally though, I’m uninstalling for awhile once the Lunar event ends (or at least, once I finish up with it) and maybe give this Apex crap a try. Probably reinstall for Archives but otherwise, I’m giving up on even the most casual of OW play.


True, they lost me if they pull this. Which is a bloody shame since this game had great potential.


Honestly, I think it will be something big, and something good. They didn’t hire all those new devs for nothing.

My guess is on a permanent PvE mode, maybe even a campaign.


Almost like just saying what stuff is would be better then listing like 3 “secret things”


it probably was the new map and it’s already over.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this new piano. Gives the map a whole new level of depth. But this game needed a lot more than what a piano can fix.


Razer is about as terrible as the doomfist nerfz


Do it? I realy like my keyboard that razer made
And i dont like doomfist in general.


I went from a Razer Lancehead to a Logetic Hero and i never looked back


If you don’t want to play it ever again, why be bothered with talking about it? Just wondering.


Logitec right?
And yes, i know they have good stuff, especialy if we talk about how long they not gona break, but i realy like ornata chroma keybord, its so nice to write on it compared to others i had.


Hoping to see if Blzz ever notices their ship is sinking and if they will put any real effort into stopping it


Maybe it’s OWL for mobile.


Logitec, yeah. They make some pretty good products overall. Lasts practically forever with pretty good quality.


At this point I would just uninstall Bnet from my PC as a whole and pretend they don’t exist. I have fond memories of Blizzard titles, this isn’t Blizzard anymore.