I wonder what the reaction will be when

…Echo is banned from Comp in a week’s time as part of Hero Pools.


I personally think they should make her immune for this week or maybe 2 becaue she is new

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Danteh and samito said something similar

Doubtful, as Blizzard doesn’t do immunities.

Hero bans are completely pointless for the majority of ranked ladder, as confirmed by Jeff himself when he said the meta doesn’t apply to below Masters, yet they’re apparently here to stay.

No immunity to be had there so why should the newest hero on the block be any different?

I mean they have talked about getting rid of the bans below Masters as they target a problem that does not exist because for players below Masters the game is balanced.

we debated this but did not want to interfere with the algorithm. worst case, if she is removed from the pool, she’ll be back a week later. plus there are always plenty of ways to play a hero outside of comp.


What a strategic place to cut off that quote…


Stop being cringe. You want the devs to post here again then be civil.


I think our definition of cringe is vastly different


Thank you for the clarification Jeff!

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yeah that was unfortunate… not sure what happened there. apologies. Echo*


Thanks for the reply, Jeff.

You yourself said that the meta doesn’t apply below Masters on ranked ladder, so why are you persisting with hero bans for below Masters?

And what of players who prefer to only play Competitive and their favourite/preferred hero(es) get banned?

I play on Xbox and have talked to a lot of players there about hero bans and not a single one likes them. Many find them an impediment to enjoying the game and will often just not play Overwatch at all for a week if their favourites get banned.

Can you please, please, please rethink hero bans!


Lol. Thank you again for listening to our feed back and commenting. Us players really appreciate it

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lol, you stop being cringe. The typo was funny.


Why not have her banned if her release had to be prolonged because of her kit being broken in the first case?

I do feel like hero bans should still apply below masters (each rank has certain favored heroes, even if there isnt a specific 6 hero meta to play). The thing I find odd is having a single ban list that applies everywhere. It seems like there should be a unique ban list for every rank and OWL separately.

When your comment has more likes that Jeff’s lol

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did you consider not adding her to comp day one? why do you hate your game?


One does not question The Mighty Algorithm. All glory to The Algorithm. :pray:

When his reaction to my comment has more than either

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