I tried Open Queue

It’s exactly how I remember it. I’ve been here from the beginning and this was always my experience pre-role queue. That’s why I wanted 2/2/2 RQ so badly!

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Maybe for QP, but Competitive pre-role queue you most often had people switch / fill when things weren’t working out. People don’t give an F in Arcade for obvious reasons. Played since beta.

It was usually 3 dps.

the main thing was u were held hostage with ur SR.

Also youre forgetting poeple actually tried.
So a dps main who swapped - actually swapped to a good main tank mostly.

Now, when “tank” players arent punished and can even INSTANTLY run away to next game , they never take responsibilty , never swap, never main tank and its all just a roadhog fista.

it is 2-2-2,
but its more like 4 fat dps than 2 tanks who protect team.

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You know, i was originally a flex player, who mained dps.

At first, i was willing to switch around so that we could have a semi balanced team comp.

But too many times, i’d have teammates that were simply bad at their role/hero who refused to switch. Like, if you have less than an hour on widow and 30 hours on mercy, maybe don’t just lock widow in comp matches.

Anyways, as a dps main, nothing was more infuriating than these players who had deluded themselves into thinking that dps was an ezmode role to climb.

So I stopped flexing, because at the very least, i knew I could play dps reasonably well for my rank, as well as able to play multiple heroes at the same proficiency.

or even worse, a team that stomped the first half, and then suddenly felt like switching from rein to hanzo and from mercy to bastion the 2nd half and losing miserably

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Blizzard is really stingy with any stats about the game: we’re still quoting rank population percentages from the graph they released over two years ago, for example. But here’s what someone who has access to all the statistical information had to say on the subject:

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if he played widow for 1hour, then he only did 1h of harm, not much.

poeple playing their 3rd, 5th or even 1st main poorly are the real problem.

Haha “This is the way”

Everybody has bad games or days or even stretches of days, that’s why we have the matchmaker. It, coupled with PBSR, does an efficient job at pushing people down out of ranks they don’t belong in over time. The best part of RQ implementation, imo, is the role specific SR. It allows the aforementioned Mercy main to play his Mercy at one skill level, and then jump on his 30 minute Widow and play her at a completely different skill level and not ruin games for

roleQ is a fail, sadly the game is unplayable

role specific SR is only a minor benefit, yet it doesnt have a real purpose.

like the vast 90% majority has their roles in a 500sr range.
only in GM can a non mechanical player fall 1000sr if he plays a mechanical skill role.
everyone else, no matter how amazing your plat aim is, your brain is around gold and thats what is holding you back, not that 1time u flexed and lost in pre-222 times.

Even in Comp, I found that people often didn’t cooperate and do what was needed to win. People played selfishly. Switching was rare in my experience unless they swapped to DPS. I very clearly remember games where someone initially went tank or support reluctantly and swapped mid game to DPS. Sometimes they made a big deal about how the team sucked and they wouldn’t tank/heal for us. Other times you just realized that you no longer had a healer because they didn’t communicate the swap.

I’ve even experienced comp games with 5 DPS where me suggesting that we could use a tank or healer was actually met with toxicity. Like how dare I suggest that?

Face it. People didn’t give an F before role queue. The current arcade experience is 100% exactly the same as it has always been. At least how it was in my old comp games, full of blame and nobody willing to fill.


Ehh, there’s two sides. Let’s not ignore how many games you end up with a Hog+Zarya combo who both refuse to switch (because one ONLY plays Hog and will leave voice chat the moment you ask him to switch, and the other ONLY plays off tank). Before, one of you could switch to a shield tank and victory was still possible. Hell, it would probably be more likely since 3 tanks is a good comp.

Now you just have to suck it up and try to play with your super heavy, inefficient tank line.

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If you are support or tank main. You will stay on 2-2-2 and avoid with passion open queue.

open queue is mostly for dps mains

We were playing competitively not arcade mode. ez.

You are thanking demon for setting up hell and burying the game.
Pre 2-2-2
Flex enabled (you can change any role who was bad on it)
You can play what you feel current match
You can play interesting comps also 1-4-1 with 4 dps easy shutdown multiple tanks even goats.
You dont wait 20 minutes to play 8 min game as dps or support
You dont need to rely on your teammates that much on thier spec. role, bc you can change them by yourself if you feel it.
Dps players were way more consistent bc they wasn’t chill 20 mins after every game and could’ve grind the game. Now you get dps who cant shoot phara or echo bc he has no play time at all these seasons with role q.


That pic is from a quick play game. Ofc no one is playing it serious

I wouldn’t wish open que upon my worst enemy

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All these “OQ sucks, thank blizz for RQ” threads are exaggerating. There’s finally two options but people still feel the need to push the “DPS bad” narrative by dumping on a mode they’re not gonna play.

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Literally the (truthful) meme complaints were what everyone was angry about pre-RQ and now that RQ has created one little issue of waiting an extra 2-5 minutes for a single match even though it fixed a lot of what use to be wrong with OW, everyone is now saying those complaints “weren’t that big of a deal.”

It’s just flip-flopping BS.

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Flexing was never a healthy way to approach the game anyways.

You were better off selecting one particular role with multiple heroes within it and just sticking to it.

Makes everyone’s job easier.

No one is asking you to like it or play it.