I tried Open Queue

Unless you are a QPC player, that’s literally impossible. Because flex implies in you being able to swap roles within the same match, to adjust on the very specific situation happening in the match. You might still be queuing for all three roles, and maintaining a similar SR across them, but that is not the same as being flex.

Now, you might have a different definition of flex player. If so, keep calling yourself a flex player, and let’s simply agree to disagree. Just be aware that when I talk about flex player, I mean those that are not shy from swapping cross-role if they judge the swap was needed to win the fight.

Different experiences, then. Maybe because I was the one jumping constantly from Rein to Torb to Brigitte to Symmetra (2.0) and always trying to neutralize the best player in the enemy team. That was my challenge in the game.

I wasn’t flexing because my team “needed a new tank”, I swapped into Rein because we needed a strong presence on the point, and he is the best character to contest close quarters.

I wasn’t jumping into Pharah because I wanted to carry my team to victory. It was because the enemy team had a lot of close range characters, and I knew no one would contest me in the air.

I didn’t played Moira to pretend to be a healer while still playing as a subpar DPS. It was because my team was full of close range characters, and thus, they would probably walk grouped most of the time, so it was easier to heal them with Moira than Mercy or Ana.

I had at the time of season 17, 9 heroes in my hero pool that I had full confidence I was able to carry my weight with them, and about other half dozen that I could play in very specific situations. That was my toolbox of flex, and having to constantly decide which tool I should use to win the next fight was thrilling!

You sound like you have a similar approach to the game, given how you say that you couldn’t specialize for long before going back to flex (presumably because it was more fun). But you also have one thing I didn’t.

You cared about your SR. Which is not right or wrong, just a different way to approach the game.

I stopped caring about my SR after season 3, when it was clear that I didn’t had the time, skills, or desire to perfect my gameplay to attain GM or Top 500 (the only tier with a unique reward). So, while I still focus on winning as much as possible, I don’t really care if my SR was going up or down. All I focused was in finding the characters I enjoy playing the most, and just getting better by raw experience.

Flexing is the reward on itself. :wink:


DO like me and just delete the game. You feel much more happy. Special for me who got Valorant invite. :wink:

For real, just delete it, You will have much more fun and joy with Tetris.

I didn’t really have any troubles with it, I think it was pretty cool to be able to play how I used to play before RoleQ !

The sad fact is most people I think who resent 2-2-2 focus on the DPS queue time (an issue, but heck you have things to do while you wait) or simply don’t want to do anything but play death-match style but for some reason refuse to use the Arcade modes and insist on going into QP/Comp then playing with no sense of team work. The “I BoUghTZ DaZ GamEz I WulLZ PlaYZ iTZ LIkEZ I WanTZ TooZ” mentality is prevalent with that bunch. Its just themselves that matter.

I went and played a QPC round the other day just for the hell of it, no tank, 5 dps one healer, and the McCree had the nerve to say “we might need a shield tank”, and when I suggested maybe he could tank, he made excuses for “being the only hitscan” then went … Roadhog :rofl: Never seen so much trash play and staggering and lack of coordination… since Bronze.


Yeah… that is why nobody wants to play qp classic. I do not want to beat on bronze players. I want people my skill level who vaguely care about winning. Open queue provides that.

You don’t just get Bronze - that’s not what I said. You get grouped according to MMR like any other mode. The problem is they play like Bronze.

That is what I meant. Nobody wants to play “decapitated chicken” mode. They want some structure. It is just that role lock is FAR too stringent. I would play qp if they got rid of 222 because it would increase the tank and support pool. Qp classic is like 90% dps mains. 70% would be a lot more tolerable.


I wouldn’t mind open queue… if the DPS picked heros that synergizes with the team (or at least plays around me… The Solo Tank) and with Echo out… its only a matter of time they only duplicate DPS heros

It wasn’t ALL bad for a while…

Back then more people had a more communal attitude to the game, they recognized what needed to be played to they filled appropriate roles and switched when needed. As the game went on and changes happen this mindset evolved into what you see today.

Also more people played more heroes/roles as it was recognized that the better you are with more heroes the more versatile you are, and therefore helpful to your team in various situations. One tricks became a thing with people abusing the SR boost to climb, the attitude towards being responsible dissipated as selfishness increased.

Open profiles allowed players to communicated about the best roles each could play based on their current stats to build a balanced team. This sometimes had toxicity but Alternate profiles and the “this is my main account” excuse kinda dampened it.

So yeah it was the Wild West with 4 DPS, but the thing about it is that you could win with 4 DPS, people kinda gloss over that part sometimes when talking about how bad uneven comp were.


RQ’s legacy unfortunately…RIP flex players Aug 2019 (most of them anyway)


Maybe it’s you needs to pick the different tank? If everyone’s going flankers, go Winston or Hammond and join them, don’t stand there stubbornly insisting you need to be Sigma/Orisa. I say that as a Tank player. It’s no different to a 2-2-2 queue where your DPS pick Doomfist and Genji, and your other tank is D.Va, then you decide “let’s go Sigma” and whine it’s everyone else’s fault because you’re not actually tanking for anyone even though ‘you picked a main tank’.

I just don’t understand why you’d go in there, expecting it to be structured in the same way as 2-2-2, then complain here that it’s not. The 2-2-2 queue is on the front page.

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That’s the issue… none of the dps picked have have any synergy with any tank… like I said before I don’t mind 3 or 4 DPS comps… just pick heros that I can play around
What tank would you pick if the comp were:
Soldier 76
With Ana solo healing… or mercy
I can’t play ball/Winston and dive with the Genji
Can’t play any off tanks cause of my solo healer and McCree
Can’t play Rein/Orisa/sigma cause nobody plays around me

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I barely noticed a difference between open queue and regular comp. 5 instalock dps only barely happens. I actually placed higer in Open queue then on my regular comp which is a little weird.

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I would go Winston as he fits with the most of the setup. You’re always going to have a hard time with Mercy solo healing, there’s no making up for that, but Ana might be okay, depends on the player and the map.

He actually said the most common comp was 2-2-2 in competitive play. The 1-3-2 statement included QP

I really don’t get it how you can like being stuck in one role the whole match as you face the same comp for the 50th time in a row

But hey, there are people who do and there are people who do not so there should be modes for both.


I’m learning DPS and Echo so open queue is perfect. I don’t care if there are any tanks or healers. I’ve spent years playing those roles myself. Now it is my turn to frag people!

Yesterday I was playing QPC. I was Zarya, and we had Ana. We never got the payload to the last checkpoint on Blizzard. Sure played out the same.I rarely played the mode. And the few times I go in. I get the same type of crap.

It happened a long time ago…
But it’s not like I’ll worry about it as much as I used to that’s for sure

you chose a terrible time to start playing, with valorant on the rise, months or role lock and a general staleness of the game, most of the good support and tank players simply left. i was a support main, tank second and off dps (with junkrat in case we needed to breach) but i too left after the halloween event.
the game just lost a lot of its original momentum due to too much staleness and bad patches. keep trying, learn a role you like and don’t worry, the memes ARE true but there are good players around (i hope) you should be able to find them. once you do, stick with them and try to group up as much as possible

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Jeff Kaplan said himself that previous to role queue, most games were played with only one tank.

Idk why people are insisting it was mainly 2/2/2 but they’re wrong.

That being said, I can’t wait to get into comp open queue. My wrist hurts so I haven’t been able to play comp yet. But it’s going to be interesting to say the least.

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