I tried Open Queue

So, I’m still pretty new to Overwatch compared to other players, (I just started in early November 2019). So I never had to deal with GOATS, and never played without Role Queue. But, I saw Competitive Open Queue when Echo went live and thought, “Oh, cool! I can finally see what Overwatch was like pre-Role Queue in a competitive game.” And, OH. MY. GOD. THE MEMES WERE TRUE. 5 instalock DPS, Tanks that don’t know how to play Tank, Supports that don’t know how to play Support. Just DPS players, (ily DPS players), that are forced onto a role they have no clue how to play. How did you guys deal with this for 3 YEARS???
Thank you so much Blizzard for Role Queue. I could barely handle one evening of Open Queue, I can’t even fathom what years of it must’ve been like.


We lost most of our tank players and a lot of our support players by the time that role que finally rolled out… most of it was from a vicious cycle of people burning out on solo-healing or solo-tanking, so they’d quit and leave the remaining ones to solo heal/tank even more often.

Overwatch was circling the drain by the time role que came out. It’s current state is still in a precarious position, but without RQ Overwatch would be dead by now.


Both are ok, but my best memories of competitive are definitely from pre-RQ. Post RQ made games feel a bit more helpless to me, until I(a bit ironically) switched to only DPS. I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed RQ more, and I played mostly tank and support before it.

Neither is really that bad, people just like to have hysterics.


It will never be the same as before for the simple fact that the flex playstyle was killed, and with it, a lot of flex players either left, or became single role specialists.

Those flex players (voluntarily or social pressured into that spot) were the ones that made the old system work. Even at QPC there is a higher ratio of DPS characters per match than in the pre-RQ era.

I can’t say about the new comp because I didn’t played it yet, but I can tell that QPC is not the same as previous QP, and still, its nowhere near the 5 DPS claims once the dust settled. I expect the open queue comp to be in a similar state, where it will be a DPS fest at the start, but within a week or two, it will gravitate back to more balanced comps.


I’ve yet to win a single match in this mode. I’m on my 5th game and I haven’t won once.

We were masochists, it was the only way


6 stack…that’s what I did. And If I was gunna solo queue…well let’s just say there’s not enough alcohol in the world…


Honestly, I started to play dps only after RQ. Before that I couldn’t play them almost at all cuz I play DPS much worse than tanks. It was mandatory for me to pick non-dps role. Now if I wanna pew pew a bit, I can wait 10 minutes playing deathmatch and then pew pew without hurting my main rank. So my take on RQ from a perspective of “wanna pew pew but have to go tank” player, RQ is better.


To be fair, most players played heroes they were familiar with, and many felt they should know at least a tank and a support to help out the team.

At the time, i’d usually see at least 1 tank, 1 heal insta locked. And i believe players back then were more comfortable switching roles.

A year of Role Queue has made it so people don’t know how to play off roles any more. Also, they go to this new Arcade mode with the idea that it allows them to play dps with shorter queue time, and they’re not switching. Of course, there was no such thing in old Overwatch. Queue times were the same for everyone.

I imagine it’s worse now in the new Arcade Mode than it was pre-role queue because that was once the ONLY way to play the game, and many people did try to make a good comp back then.


There usually was much higher chance to get 1 or less tank. I think most of the games were like 1-4-1 or 1-3-2.


Hopefully Blizzard will release statistics showing most games had 3 dps 2 heals and 1 tank, but when the experimental card was up no one wanted it. I still believe that’s the way to go for the game, give all tanks more ways to actually be a tank that can protect team mates and themselves as a solo tank. I love playing support, but the last time I played DPS was before role que, I don’t have enough time to play per day to wait for a game as dps. And I really miss playing some of the dps heroes, now I just join aim arena games to rmember what it felt like playing Tracer or something. The parts of the puzzle are all there, if the dev’s tinkered with abilities more (like they did with Zarya) I think more people could see it working.


They have the statistics for 3 years of free pick ranked.

I tried it again for old times sake on my gf’s ps4.

It’s fun to go 1/3/2 and stomp on 1/4/1 & 0/4/2 teams.

If you get lucky, you’ll find a group that can go Goats - but it’s definitely nowhere near as good as it used to be. The damage mitigation just isn’t there anymore.

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Open Queue is great.

It soaks up a bunch of DPS players out of RoleQueue.


I played since nov '18. I miss this time when everyone played 4d-2h, Overwatch looked like real shooter. Now it looks like… :poop: Rein+Zarya can they shoot? Does Overwatch look like FPS or wtf is that game genre

You don’t like Open queue; fine, don’t play it.

Some of us really enjoy it, and it takes nothing away from you that we now have it, if only for a few weeks. All you lose are players who don’t want to be role locked.

The best thing about Open Queue? Players there get it. They get the game. No one tricks, not whinging for 2-2-2 constantly, even though we mostly play 2-2-2, we can and will diverge for advantage and switch back when it’s needed. People will switch, whether to counter or if they’re countered themselves.


Blizz have the stats, old comp was mostly played 2-2-2, it’s why they didn’t feel overly bad about locking it in.


I actually play a lot of QPC nowadays because I don’t want to play normal QP due to high queue times on DPS and for me it just looks about the same… Most of my experience on QPC is like this:

  • Beginning of the game: people don’t care and just pick whatever they want to play, usually 4~5 DPS heroes
  • End of the game: people switch because they get tilted and try to win the game by picking tanks and supports only to lose because we didn’t switch earlier.

Most of the games my team win is because we have a really good tank… :man_shrugging:


I’ve played 20ish matches on open queue and had a decent team comp in 95% of them, I think the OP is exaggerating.


Nope. Jeff said the stats were 3 (dps) - 2 - 1 mostly before Role Queue.

I really don’t get it how you can like that…

I wish. I’m playing it today and I’ve just had a game where 2 guys were complaining our team was not 2-2-2 :man_facepalming:

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