I miss Symmetra 2.0!

IMO most of those statements are false. She’s easier than ever. Positioning isn’t even close to being as important as it was with 1.0 and 2.0. Neither is turret placement. The only thing that got harder is aiming, everything else got way easier.

She’s better overall now (Consistent impact instead of old Sym where she had minimal impact for a while until she got the chance to charge her beam, spawnkill a healer, do a tp play or whatever) BUT she’s way more boring and a lot closer to other heroes in terms of gameplay - meaning she’s less unique.

You can ignore this, as it’s just in case you were gonna say smth like «You only say that bc of so and so»

This is coming from a GM Sym player (old and new Sym). And no, the reason I think old Sym was more fun isn’t because I dropped in SR when new Sym came out. I find it easier to maintain my rank closer to my peak now than it was with 2.0.

Couldn’t agree more. Torb feels like torb but symm feels like a completely different character.


you are kidding right? non of this is true.

The Photon Barrier on E was the best part of Symmetra 2.0
I miss it so much

Photon Barrier, Shield Gen, and Teleporter were so fun to use. I miss 2.0 a lot too, I really hope they bring her back.


You’ll find the forums consider your opinion a myth because whenever they give glimpses into their playstyles or mention some ludicrous matchup (like 2.0 countering Genji) it is very clear they had no idea how to play her in the first place.

The playstyle 2.0 had to utilize in high ranks is more or less unchanged in terms of tactics and matchups. She just has more bells and whistles.

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???.. Care to elaborate?

Sym 2.0 was her best incarnation/
I regularly have nostalgia of that version of her


i struggle like crazy to master this new symmetra. i try and try and try. i got 300 hours on her, and no matter what i do i always get run over. but with sym 2.0 i was at least able to do something. it wasnt as frustrating to play with her. when i play with 3.0, i just lose the will to play at all

I mean Dafran has good gamesense he’s a pro player remember ?

You can see players stuck in low ranks with good aim but terrible decision making and gamesense.

OP is right in that regard.

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What was your playstyle with Symmetra 2.0?

Did you rely on the auto aim beam?
Did you just guard ultimates?
Did you suicide rush people using photon barrier and beam?

I am just asking these questions because it might help work out why you aren’t doing well with 3.0

That doesn’t mean what they’re saying isn’t true.

Though I disagree that she’s more boring. IMO sitting at shield gen to try to 1 tap the Tracer that was going to bomb it no matter what I did and being a mediocre dps until I got my ult was way more boring. She’s much more fast paced with less forgiveness, but much more powerful.

If the enemy team is full of a team comp that doesn’t handle her turrets well (or more particularly, her shielding her turrets) Sym can contest the point in like a 3-4v1 situation. I think she is easily the strongest area denial hero in the game.

You didn’t have to guard your ultimates by yourself though, that’s why she had turrets. Besides, even if it was destroyed Symmetra got her ult extremely fast. 2.0 was fun because of lock-on and most importantly Photon Barrier.

3.0’s gun is extremely boring (gameplay and visually I mean come on, just a line isn’t visually appealing.) and Orbs are decent but I’d rather have piercing than a speed boost.


Yeah turrets don’t stop “blinkblinkblink Bombs away! Regardless of how fast her ult built, being an ult bot with an ult that took 0 effort to deal with was not fun.

Also, her turrets still exist meaning she still has lock on and she still has photon barrier.

I don’t see how you can think her current beam is boring unless you just literally don’t/can’t use it well. The thicc beam is a force to be reckoned with, and the sound is a rush to hear, especially the nano variant.

This was a bit more melodramatic than it needed to be. Symm 2.0 isn’t your firstborn child. And she appeals to a lot more people now.

A lot of players do especially the mains, Even though it the version was below average. It was still a decent rework compared to 3.0. I don’t like the fact these developers decided to work on 3.0 a bit more using the breadcrumb excuse to say we notice her existence, but failed to buff her properly. Not realizing all this treatment could of been done during 2.0.

Trying to buff the beam not realizing players won’t rely on that because

  1. No auto lock
  2. It’s channeling damage
  3. Right click serves better
  4. Turrets are pretty much main source of dps.

It’s sad because 2.0 Symmetra main source of damage was from primary where 3.0 is the opposite and it blinded so many players trying to say she’s fine now failing to realize she isn’t choose often especially due to how vulnerable she is and how often teammates uses teleporter.

Overall Symmetra = a hot disgusting mess. I still like her, but her creators don’t.

Because she’s appealing towards false report, insults, meme abused and not used often right? I can say once auto lock was erased yeah that fear of Symmetra went straight to zero and players are more cocky to go up in her face than back away.

Because no one is scared of that noodle beam than Zarya’s beam which can even reach further. Outside of her turrets Symmetra’s threat level is like a level one mob in a mmorpg.


I will always remember my microwave queen


She isn’t supposed to be threatening without charge. She’s never been threatening without charge or turrets. Why do you think that was supposed to change?

Also, you can throw turrets up while using the beam. In fact, you should weave throwing turrets into left clicking, because it takes a fraction of a second and that one turret is going to make whoever you’re left clicking panic.

If someone isn’t afraid of you as Sym and you aren’t capitalizing on that, idk what to tell you. Only a handful of heroes should actively chase Sym solo, because most other heroes that attempt to chase her solo should die for it. If they don’t, it’s on you.

Well what do you expect from 3.0? She isn’t threatening like her previous reworks. You saying she’s never been threatening in the previous reworks shows how much you utilized her well.

Yeah against rookies. Not every player have a slow reaction when fighting Sym especially knowing she’s easy to waste.

Now you’re on some other topic and missed the whole point of mine, but that’s usually your tactic…well I hope it’s your tactic to twist stories, but if that’s how you think. I won’t say much because you’re probably just not aware or high up on the caliber you think you are with Symmetra. Who knows :man_shrugging:?

Me too, hon. Watching Genji try to deflect by pool noodle always made me happy :disappointed: