I miss Symmetra 2.0!

me too, i hope TP gets fixed too

Hey I’m right there with you man =/

Seems like every character I start to really enjoy Blizzard sneaks up and murders them in their sleep. Symmetra, Mercy, my poor boy Junkrat is looking pretty haggard after that .2 nerf now, I’m missing tons of shots that I shouldn’t be. Then everyone is like ‘Just play another character!’ as if the reason you weren’t drawn to the character in the first place was that unique playstyle that they offered.

“What, you don’t like Coke? Just drink Sprite, it’s all soda!” =/ yeah, no.


omg holy words kween :heart_eyes:

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Don’t expect too much, it’s subtle… but its there if you are familiar enough with Sym. A lot of folks will not notice it though unless you told them.

Mercy has the worst lot, I’ll admit that, but the others are more than playable. Are you trying to run JR in masters or higher?

I tried her out on the PTR and I didn’t notice much difference, largely because in the circumstances in which you’re using your primary fire the fight has usually already gone to pot and you’re in emergency fight mode.

She just can’t actually hit people with the beam long enough due to their mobility abilities in order to ‘charge’ it, so unless there’s someone heavy and slow OR a shield to charge up on (and if there is a shield, lol what are you doing standing by a tank that will kill you right away??) and then you usually die because 1. you can’t protect yourself, 2. everyone does more damage than you RIGHT AWAY, you need stupid time to charge up, and 3. TP takes five years to set up, and is so obvious when you try and pre-set it up to give yourself an escape route that it gets destroyed on the outset of the push.

So you can either try and TP in early, get it destroyed, or try and set it up mid fight and die while you wait for it to work! Either one is AWESOME! =D

She’s trash.

edit: The only time I can charge up the beam safely to it’s full power is when there’s an Orisa on the field that put their shield out too far so I can hit it from behind cover, or when there’s an enemy symmetra and she does her ult. The whole ‘it eats shields!’ BS is just a joke.


Just curious, what tier are you playing at?

I don’t tend to play comp anymore because it’s too stressful, between people in comp taking it too seriously and no one taking QP seriously enough there’s not much middle ground for average players like myself.

My highest comp rank was Gold ages and ages ago, back when I was playing a lot of S76 and xBox, but frankly I didn’t understand the game or positioning much back then either. [when I played with my friends we tended to get silver on PC, but I never knew if that was my friend’s genji main husband dragging us down or not lol!] I also would NEVER bring current Symmetra into a comp match unless I had a team of friends that I knew was going to actually work with me to make her viable, because her gimmicky teleporter is the only thing that might make her kind of useful, and the only way you can get it to work is if everyone has already agreed to go along with you and play into your strengths- and even then you basically need to be totally babysat with your team the whole time. I played her with a group of 4 friends that were playing healers and tanks when they first did the rework and we desperately tried to make her work but she just can’t output enough utility or dps in order to really make her ‘worth it’ in my experience (unless the enemy team is dumb and super ignore you, which, after you smash them the first round they usually don’t do.)

I’m not saying I’m an amazingly skilled player, I consider myself fair to average, I just want to play with other fair to average players. I will say that Symmetra’s changes seem utterly pointless in a game where MANY heroes will reward your aim skill, but I guess we’re playing Aimwatch and I didn’t notice.


Hmm… well, I placed mid-gold last season with her solo queuing, and that was literally losing 6 out of 4 games, with one lost to a darn GM McCree alt we had to fight one game, then another had a leaver, and come to think of it, another had a thrower who was even listening to pleas on voice and just dorked off to throw… I would bet my placement would be closer to plat had it not been for those circumstances. I will say using the teleporter is very hard in those cases though, people just don’t trust it which I cannot figure out…

it’s doable, but I think to climb beyond low Plat you have to have team coordination… Diamond for sure, which is my eventual goal.

I know that characters that are not placed often tend to give you higher ranks because OW is in part giving you your score based on how well everyone else does with that character as well - and people don’t usually play Symmetra in Comp.

My problem is not ‘climbing’ with Symmetra, my problem is with playing her. I don’t like the feel of her new kit, I don’t like how bad the new TP is, I don’t like her new ult because it’s easy to wait out, Sombra on the enemy team can completely negate it because EMP generates MUCH faster than the wall, and to top it all off it’s on a timer so you never even get the true value out of it unless you’re doing some kind of clutch/emergency play.

Basically she’s been turned into a character that can glimmer for a few moments here and there in VERY aggressive and fast plays, but if you’re not in that really fast moment or you don’t have a team that is able to really capitalize on the chaos you can create in some areas, you’re just sort of SOL with her.

Whenever I play her now and I get found by a flanker, I almost always lose that fight unless they have just awful aim. I can no longer protect myself alone, which, as a SUPPORT character she was able to do ten times better. That’s ridiculous to me.

She also can’t even output that much DPS in most circumstances because your turrets are so spread out now that they’re just piddly, and if you cluster them all up in one area then people destroy them all in one fell swoop and you’ve lost all the eggs in one basket.

There are just so many downsides to her new kit and… I can’t really see many advantages?

Her TP range is absolutely pathetic, it takes five years to build, she can’t pierce through shields with her orbs so have fun getting melted by Pirate Ship again because bastion behind an orisa shield was so much fun to dismantle before, it’s just… It’s a lot of things. All the things, really.

edit: I feel like, when I’m playing 3.0, I am always waiting for my team to help me do things. Always.

I can’t do ANYTHING by myself.


That doesn’t matter - that’s like saying I was number one out of 10 vs, 100… its still number one… not sure what your point is there. Relatively speaking, the rank is sound. Ditto for any other lesser played character, do well with them you rank for that character, not against say a Genji or McCree when playing Sym… I am not the best by far, but am beyond competent with Sym in particular…

It was just presented to me as ‘It’s easier to get a higher rank with less played characters’ when I watched a bunch of OW youtubers and whatnot. Like, that’s why it was a big deal that some guy was getting a high rank with Torb a while back, they were saying that it wasn’t because he was skilled, it was just because no one played Torb in comp and that’s why he got the high rank.

I’m gonna level with you, I’m kinda old at this point and don’t super care/understand how OW rankings work or are calculated, I’m just passing on how it was presented to me, this is a full shrug. I don’t think she’s a viable character in or out of comp, like - even watching her in OWL with that practiced team of pro players she looked pretty weaksauce compared to what I would have expected out of a DPS Symmetra pro player to be able to do?

So basically even if you got a high rank, it’s like, you probably should have been higher anyway because you were playing with a character that was whacked in the knees before the match, IMO.

I understand, and its true, but when people say I think the question is so what? What sample size is correct to give a “proper accounting”? In other words, its all relative… people who bring up that point are often using it to hide behind… if you play Genji, well yeah guess what more people to compete against, but what other judgement is there? I know you didn’t mean anything but its one of those points to me that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny as value judgement on a character. I think a lot of the people who say it (not you) say it to defend their relative low ranking with a “skill” character but in reality just aren’t that good but assume they would just be GM’s with say Sym or Torb despite all evidence to the contrary.

FWIW, I probably am older than you (53).

I only brought it up because when you have a smaller sample size of anything it’s harder to really extrapolate from that; I wasn’t trying to imply that your experience or rank would change anything on your opinion or impact how much weight to give it. Just that I think it’s kind of hard to say Symmetra is ‘good’ even if people can get high ranks with her because there will always be people in the higher ranks and lower ranks with any character, regardless of how janky their kit is?

Basically I’ve had a lot of people show up who insist that they love new character X and I’m an idiot because I don’t have a high enough rank, and I couldn’t POSSIBLY have an opinion on anything, so to me rank is just kinda… Eh. Like I get it, but the game is so different when you’re playing bronze matches VS. plat that it’s like - everyone’s opinion is still pretty applicable to their experience.

But hey people love using arbitrary skill in order to negate what others are saying so I’m not sure why I fight against it so hard, whatever.

I understand. The sample size to me is specious a point because it’s purely relative, but lets assume for the same of argument lets use Overbuff as a guide - it currently shows about 145K folks for Sym in it’s system (flawed as it is). Genji, the most picked, has about 359K to compare against. Rein is at about 273K. So while its true that Sym doesn’t have as large a sample size, I think its more than large enough to be a good guide just based on that. I guess my point is, if 50 people played Sym one could support that position, I just don’t think it holds true if you look at the what appears to be the real popularity of the character compared to the most popular… at least using Overbuff as a guide.

me too… i miss her turrets, orbs and shield the most…

Sis, we all miss Sym 2.0 but she’s changed. She’s still there and i’d say she’s just as fun to play. Maybe more so.

What do you miss most? Her lock-on beam that had a pitiful range that went from 30 to 60 to 120.

Now she does 65/130/195.
Her TP is still part of her identity. It would have been nice if they’d kept the shield gen as a deployable too but :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’m sorry, but every time I hear that last phrase now I think of the ‘Robot Chicken’ sketch with Lando Calrissian ending up in a dress, clown shoes, riding a unicycle.

Hear that a LOT, don’t like the Hero (more like ‘What was done to your Hero’), play another Hero. I fully agree with you there. But the pattern of Reworks where the Ultimate is put as an ‘E’ ability seems to always cause problems.

Mercy Rework with Ult on ‘E’- OP as F—!

Symmetra Rework with Ult on ‘E’- under-powered and completely changed her play style. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if they didn’t remove 3 turrets and the piercing secondary fire, an made her beam more like Moria (a healer) then Zaria (a tank).

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if you happened to get an orb on a dps as you initiated or the enemy was awful at aiming, yes

matchups like mccree, reaper, torb, and most tanks were heavily lopsided in their favor unless symmetra had a considerable amount of charge or got an early orb in as she initiated since she took way too long to charge up and many characters either dealt more damage up close before she could charge or had more range

she was one of the few characters whose matchups got worse and worse the better the players got

I dont know, i never had trouble playing with her