I lost 700 SR during Beta season

You act as though I don’t read what people on the forums write.

There was not a huge group of people talking about how the Beta season was going to count. Everyone, so far, who says “I told people” have no record, that I could find, of them doing so. Obviously it doesn’t mean they didn’t, but it certainly wasn’t profound enough to be common knowledge.

So better for them to ignore the forums exist then to explain in further detail if that was their intent, which was widely accepted, but alas incorrect.

Bottom line, I don’t care where the Beta season placed me in SR. I don’t care that the games I played were under the pretense that Blizzard would be erasing the season.

I care that I participated under the assumption, to which is clear within the confines of the English language, that the stats to include MMR (which is a stat) will be erased. Having to play the game with the release of a new hero in the competitive environment is not okay. Having to play with people who don’t take competitive seriously is not okay. If I would have had the information to begin with I would have not played competitive until season 18 at the earliest, most likely not until season 19.

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show me a forum post during the 2 week period that said “beta season will count for season 18”

you cant do it because it doesn’t exist because most people thought the same thing.

Whats disgusting is the fact that you are defending blizz on this when they screwed up.

“Blizzard would kill a puppy and you’d defend them” vs “we had different understandings of a blog post so I’m defending my stance”…I’m pretty sure only one of those is actually abhorrent.

Wait, what? Where did you read that it will count?

the point i was making was that blizz could do anything bad and y ou would still defend them.

i still cant wrap my head around why you think its ok for blizz to mis lead us about this.

unless your trolling? In which case I owe you a coke.


This is what we are all debating.

ScottMercer post Role Queue Update. It’s stickied at the top of the forums. MMR still affects your rank in s18 but all other stats are temporary

  1. That’s not the case, there’s plenty Blizz does that I don’t like, like implementing role q at all.

  2. I don’t think it’s misleading since I understood entirely.

And they waited until the end of the “beta” to inform everyone? Jesus christ, talk about incompetent people, a lot of people where under the assumption that, oh i don’t know, this mini season was a “BETA” as it said in the title?

And you inform your players 4 days BEFORE IT IS OVER?
I too (as many other players) lost a TON of SR due to people not giving a crap about it because they all thought it wouldn’t count and now I am being punished for it?

Typical Blizzard, I am done, really done with them…


Sorry but you are wrong ,Sigma release into comp was very mis leading. Its a fact.

:woman_shrugging: don’t care. I have no pity for you, you threw your matches and that’s your fault

I have never once participated in a Beta test where the player record in the test was used anywhere beyond the confines of the Beta itself.

But I guess Blizzard has their own definition of Beta.

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how did i throw my matches? Sigma was released right into COMP
this means that jeff himself thought it was ok for him to be played right into comp.

but no, its blizzs fault for mis leading the player base. Even if you weren’t mis lead, the rest of us were based on their wording/handling of beta.

So far, all but 1 of the people who read, and frankly misunderstood what Blizzard wrote, are all people who are against role queue. Its as if their stance on role queue gives them a sort of pleasure that Blizzard screwed others over.

on the bright side of things we did learn something valuable, that blizz doesn’t bother with the forums/reddit, otherwise they would have caught this a lot sooner.

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I think it was planned.

They wanted people to think it would all be erased so more people would participate.

I would have waited until;

  1. The Sigma is new period was over.
  2. SR had stabilized.

It was a bait and switch.

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that could be very well true, i could see that being a thing. I feel at this point blizz owes us an apology via video.

As much as I have angst toward the way Blizzard handles things, one thing I can be sure of is they never apologize.

“To the ground, baby!”
“You think you do, but you don’t”
“Don’t you have a phone?”

i suppose at this point I can add;

"Not count toward a player’s permanent Competitive Season stats.”

I didn’t even read the role queue update post and automatically assumed the rank I received during the beta testing would somehow affect my rank in season 18.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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I was such a good little guinea pig, i played sigma a lot in COMP for many hours almost 20, i gave them so much good data. I swear I deserve a treat.

i can’t even think of a time that blizz said " we’re sorry". they sure as heck didn’t say sorry to the HOTS e sport teams.