I knew it, Ana is their next target

Of course. DPS mains will attack any hero that ruins their chance of a kill. Kind of makes sense since that is a DPS job. To kill. The problem is their claims are often unsubstantiated.

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I have been maining D.va since Beta and I have never ever complained about Zarya, hog or any counter. Mostly the contrary, i tell people how to counter her and people just jump “No, nerf her more”.

The only Hero I complained was old hanzo because the obvious Scatter shot “Aim feet for instant kill”

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although we’re seeing a lot of new posts asking to nerf ana, on each post there are tens of comments defending ana. so I think we are still good :^)

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Right, and everyone complained about D.Va, back when she dominated the field. It was mainly the supports, as they were defenseless, D.Va diving meant death. I loved old D.Va, as she was a great ultimate charge.

It’s awesome that you don’t complain, though.

However, scatter > storm arrow- @ me lol

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It’s not like the devs actually read the forum these days anyway.


I’m a dps main but like honestly ana is pretty easy to kill. Just don’t waste nade on a tracer, it almost never hits.

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That’s what I freaking told you all months ago. Yet people kept raging onwards trying to get Mercy into her current miserable state.

The people complaining? They don’t care about “Ana needs skill” as she is the highest skill hero in the game. It’s that she is classified as a support and so people really hate the fact that she is viable.

Yet they are the first people to use the “skill” argument to justfy Mercy’s total gutting and destruction.


Also screw those dps that think every support is op just because they can heal. If they nerf zen I’ll quit the game

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There should be a Mercy in big bold letters in there somewhere…


Most OP hero in the game’s history?


No. Sitting in the spawn room and pressing a button to bring your entire team back to life had to go.

Ana has a good pickrate but not even the best winrate. She’s in a good, balanced state… but Mercy is UP

Which iteration of D.Va are you referring to? I’m a D.Va main but her DM did need a nerf. Other than that I’m not sure what nerf she got (shows how much I pay attention I guess)

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That was removed prior to the rework.

ahhh we are back to the echo chamber dps boogeyman tinfoil hat stuff.

nice, i love when the average iq of this board comes into play to give me some laughs.


So am I.

I think the support roster is pretty balanced right now and I don’t think they need any changes. Well, maybe Mercy, but she is not far off being balanced.

I will defend Ana till my last breath! I can’t afford to see another Support main with a broken heart.


Context? Bias? What?

only threads i’ve seen targeting ana are by mercy mains though…

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it was a gold brig icon if i remember correctly

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